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GE Over The Range Microwaves

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GE Over-The-Range Microwave

Since the microwave first burst onto the scene over sixty years ago, it has been living primarily on the countertop. And while a countertop version can be easy to access and clean, they take up a lot of space on a kitchen island or counter. That's valuable real estate, and keeping it cleartends to look better in the contemporary open-concept kitchen. Enter the GE over-the-range microwave. Over-the-range microwaves combine two appliances, fusing the kitchen range hood with a micro-blaster in one budget-friendly and space-saving appliance.

No Messy Installation, Just Easy Ventilation

Okay, we probably all know what a microwave is...but why put it over the range, and what does a hood do? Each traditional hood is installed above the stove with ductwork and proper ventilation to carry grease, smoke, and odors out of the home. The GE over-the-range microwave works differently, taking the difficulty out of ventilation while cooking.

Unlike a range hood, these devices require no intricate ductwork, and function instead by using filtering technology. That means you won't have to take your kitchen apart during installation, and you'll still be able to keep smoke and odor out of the kitchen. Next time something cooks for a little too long, you won't need to open every window in the home to clear out the smoke.

If you cook multiple meals all through the week, you might want to take a second look at some of the numbers on your GE over-the-range microwave. Pay particular attention to the "CFM", or cubic feet per minute of air that your device would filter. If you do find yourself cooking a lot, consider a model that can move at least 300 or 400 CFM. Whether you're browning a roast, baking cookies, or sautéing veggies, that high rate of CFM will keep your kitchen's air clear.

GE Over-The-Range Microwave: New Technology

GE brings all of its experience with high-quality cooking to meet next-gen technology in their new devices. Simple features like easy-to-read displays and quick-cook buttons make using these appliances easier than ever. For the best in a GE over-the-range microwave, look for a model with sensor cooking. Instead of hitting the "one more minute" button all afternoon, these sensors help to moderate cooking power and time all on their own. As your food heats up, they'll adjust automatically. That way, when you open the door, your food will be completely and thoroughly heated.

With your appliance at eye level in the middle of the kitchen, you'll want to pick one that matches your home's style with ease. Consider the ever-popular stainless steel finish that looks good with nearly any paint, wallpaper, or wood cabinetry. Alternatively, go for a bright white or dark black look to make a statement, and coordinate other kitchen appliances to match. For an easier time cleaning up after dinner, opt for a finish that's fingerprint-resistant. These print-proof devices don't hold onto smudges, and can be cleaned easily with gentle soap and water. Learn more about keeping your new appliance at its finest with our How To Clean A Microwave guide

Service and Support

Not sure if a GE over-the-range microwave is the right choice for your kitchen? Check out our Microwave Buying Guide to learn more about these devices. Here, our team of experts pick apart everything there is to know, helping you to better understand which type might be best for your kitchen and lifestyle. If you're looking for more personalized help, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our experts are ready to lend you their experience and can help you find the best fit. Alternatively, come into the shop to see the floor models in person. No matter which one you'll pick, we'll help to service your local appliance throughout its lifespan.

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