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HP Laptops: Perfect for Work or for Play

Students, gamers, and professionals alike can all benefit from the power and portability of HP laptops. Laptops give you freedom to work and play wherever there is WiFi. If you have a busy job, you've probably worked from a coffee shop or on the airplane. An HP laptop will help you get the job done while being lightweight and travel-friendly. Even if you're mostly using your laptop at home, you don't have to buy a keyboard, monitors, or towers; less moving parts means an easier setup that costs less money. Their space-saving design makes our HP laptops great for at-home use because they can adapt to spaces of any size, even if you don't have a desk. HP's offering includes the classic Chromebook, which combines secure Chrome OS operation with HP's durable design. These HP laptops are perfect for buyers on a budget or young students. With most models featuring built-in webcams, these laptops are adapted to the modern world. You can easily host a video presentation or have a Zoom meeting with your coworkers or clients but you can just as easily video chat with friends or family far away. Consider what you're using your computer for before purchasing. Do you frequently work at night or in low-light settings? You'll need a laptop with a backlit keyboard. If you're a multitasker, check out our HP laptops with a touch screen. Touch screens speed up operation and navigation so you can perform tasks efficiently. They're also great for artists and graphic designers. With graphics cards from notable brands like AMD Radeon or Intel, your shows, games, or work presentations will be presented with incredible quality. With 8 or more hours of battery life on a single charge, you won't be tethered to an outlet whether you're on the clock or competing in a gaming tournament.

Where Form Meets Function

On top of their great technical features, HP laptops also feature attractive designs. Choose from black, white, silver, or gold to match the rest of your devices. Their sleek, compact design is both easy and enjoyable to use, making your laptop your trusted companion that you'll love taking out of your bag. You can also opt for a convertible design that lets your laptop fold into a tablet design for working with your hands, a reverse design for when you're watching videos, or a tent position for multiple tasks. The bright, brilliant screen produces beautiful images, whether you're editing photography or watching a nature documentary. Gamers will love options with an AMD Ryzen processor, whose single-threaded and multi-threaded capabilities are great for playing games and are also a favorite amongst graphic designers. Be sure to round out your setup with wireless headphones or a comfortable chair for lumbar support over long stretches of work or play. Feeling overwhelmed? We're here to help. You can peruse our laptop buying guide to learn more about different features and their benefits; you can also speak to our experts in person at our retail store or over the phone at 800-860-3577.

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