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LG Side-by-Side Refrigerators

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LG Side by Side Refrigerators

An LG side-by-side refrigerator is a great addition to any home, bringing sophistication and style to your kitchen. By splitting the device down the middle into fresh and frozen sections, they offer easy access to both. With an LG side-by-side fridge, shelving and storage bins stretch the full height of the appliance. As a result, you can keep fresh and frozen staples at eye level. To contrast, French door models and other bottom freezer designs require you to bend down to access your frozen goods, which can be difficult for some of us.

Adding to their organizational benefits, LG side-by-side refrigerators provide excellent energy efficiency. As evidence, almost every one of these models is ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning they use at most 10% less electricity than federal efficiency standards. Over the life of the appliance, that can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings.

For easy access to ice and water, the majority of LG side-by-sides feature an external ice and water dispenser. To keep your water clean and refreshing, these models include a built-in water filter (that should be replaced roughly every 6 months). If freezer capacity is a priority, be aware that models with ice makers will limit the space. Equipping your home with a dedicated ice maker, a chest freezer, or an upright freezer are all excellent options for providing the ice supply and cold storage you may need.

Abt carries a wide variety of LG side-by-side refrigerators, ensuring we have a perfect option for your specific needs and tastes. For a stylish, built-in look consider a counter depth model. These devices are designed to line up evenly with the surrounding cabinets, helping free up space in your kitchen. LG Electronics' InstaView Door-in-Door designs are also worth considering. They offer a view inside the fridge without opening the door via a sleek glass panel. Knocking twice on the panel illuminates the interior, allowing you to browse without letting cold air escape. And with the push of a button, the panel opens to let you grab your favorite snacks while the full fridge door stays closed, keeping in most of the cool air.

Look through our above selection of LG side-by-side refrigerators and order yours today! Or, if you need help making sense of all the available options, take a look at our Refrigerator Sizing & Buying Guide. You can also reach out to one of our appliance experts at 800-860-3577 for more personalized advice. We want you to be happy with the fridge you take home and will do all we can to help you find a model that best fits your wants, needs, and budget.

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