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Lynx Grill Carts & Drawers: Outdoor Storage

You learned from your first apartment that kitchen storage space is absolutely crucial (especially if you buy food in bulk). The same is true when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. A lonely stone island with only a Lynx grill does not make a backyard into a grilling wonderland—in truth, it's more of a table, and one you'll need to stack things all over each time you cook. Instead of running back and forth between the kitchen and your barbecue to retrieve Lynx grill accessories, keep everything organized within your island or grill cart with steel-plated storage solutions from Lynx.

Designed for Your Life

Before you start picking out cabinets and drawers, take a moment to consider what you use your barbecue for, and what you'll need to keep in storage. For example, a cooker that runs on liquid propane gas will need a cart or cabinet that can accommodate a large propane tank. Meanwhile, a natural gas Lynx grill won't need that extra space beneath, meaning you can store extra gear like spatulas, tongs, barbecue gloves, and more below. Customize your storage to meet your needs. If your family loves outdoor entertaining and meals under the stars, make sure your drawers and cabinets are filled with sturdy melamine plates and cups to keep everything shatterproof. A tablecloth or two, as well as placemats, complete the collection for a well-organized patio table. Keep any possible mess outdoors as well with help from an outdoor faucet and sink.

The Kitchen Cart, Reimagined

With other manufacturers, the sole purpose of a grill cart is to keep your cooker at eye level. The experts at Lynx want to change that by putting every square inch of the cart to work, whether you're organizing cooking gear or keeping your sauces and marinades close at hand while cooking. These carts are outrageously customizable, with some that are made just to hold propane and others that are fully equipped to hold as much prep gear as you need. Keep cutting boards dedicated to the art of barbecue out here, then chop ingredients atop your kitchen cart as the Lynx grill preheats. While these caster-wheeled structures are great for budget hunters without a full outdoor kitchen, portability is their true strength. While they're not the type of barbecue you can fold up and take on a camping trip, you can move them across your patio with ease depending on the occasion. A backyard barbecue with the extended family might warrant a front-and-center grill, while a splashy pool party might require you to button up with a Lynx grill cover. And in times of truly dire weather, you may want to consider rolling your cart right into your garage or shed for extra protection.

Need Help Customizing?

If you're not sure which cabinets, drawers, doors, or carts are best for your new grill and outdoor cooking style, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 or swing by the store. Our in-house specialists are powered by their knowledge of the modern barbecue in all of its incarnations and can help you select the best storage solution for your outdoor kitchen.

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  • Shipping was quick all the way to California, no damage upon arrival, packaged very well. Too bad you only have one store and it is nowhere near California. Otherwise, I would shop there all the time. Thank you!
    Gabe D. - Visalia, CA
    June 1, 2021