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Lynx Grill Accessories

Lynx Grill Accessories: Covers, Carts, Burners & More

No grilling station was ever complete without a few accessories. That's why the engineers behind every Lynx grill created fully customizable gear designed to bring your backyard kitchen up a culinary notch. Their selection of products will ensure that your food comes out tasting the best it ever has thanks to expert craftsmanship and modular design. Coordinate the storage areas in your outdoor kitchen—think drawers, trash bins, doors, and sinks. Grab a pencil and start sketching out your dream backyard cooking space. Searching for gear for your freestanding Lynx grill? Look for equipment that's more flavor-oriented, like smoking wood chips. These will bring an extra layer of smokiness to anything you cook. Whether you're cooking from a freestanding or built-in model, make sure your collection of grilling gear is complete before you head home to turn on the grill.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Lynx has spearheaded the design movement in outdoor kitchens since they first formed in the 90s. Their complete stainless steel construction and high-end craftsmanship have made them stand out against the competition for years. That craftsmanship extends to everything in their line of outdoor kitchen materials—including accessories. Pair your Lynx grill with gear that matches it in every respect, from the correct shade of silver to the matching handles. Consider equipping your outdoor kitchen with as much storage as you need (no one wants to spend their cooking time running between the kitchen and the backyard). Make sure you've got the appropriate amount of firepower as well. Lynx side burners can be installed individually, allowing grillers to customize their cooking space to fit their specific needs. If you cook most of your foods directly on the grill, maybe you only need a burner to heat up your signature barbecue sauces. But if you're often invested in multi-course dinners, opt for two (or more). Some of these powerful burners are designed with multiple functions in mind, too, doubling as prep stations. Some of these burners can even mount into freestanding grilling carts, making them multifunctional problem solvers.

Smaller Accessories

While those heavy-duty furnishings make outdoor cooking easier, smaller investments can be just as important. For example, every Lynx grill owner should consider a Lynx grill cover designed just for their device. These covers are made from water-resistant fabric and help to keep fallen leaves, pooling water, and critters away from your cooker. If used properly, these covers can help your stainless steel frame to retain its shining profile for longer. Meanwhile, cooking gear like rotisserie baskets and wood chips are necessary for folks who are all about bringing as much flavor as possible to the table. Insert wood chips into your barbecue's smoker tube to infuse your foods with smoky flavors like mesquite, pecan, apple, and hickory. Curate your wood flavors to match the protein you're using for an exceptionally coordinated meal. Whatever grill youre using, make sure you're equipped with barbecue accessories that can stand up to the heat of cooking with gear from Lynx.

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