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Protect Your Investment with Lynx Grill Covers

The premium barbecues from Lynx Grills are built to withstand high heats, sizzling meats, and all the messes that go along with any classic barbecue. But that doesn't mean your grill can stand up to any abuse. Instead of leaving your device to fend off foul weather on its own, give it some extra coverage with Lynx grill covers. With ultra-strong fabrics made to resist water and keep outdoor debris away from your prized cooker, these Lynx grill accessories can help extend the life of your backyard barbecue. Discover the one that's right for your home with help from the experts at Abt.

Durable, High-Quality Materials

These high-tech fabrics are more durable than any old tarp you could secure with a bit of rope or twine. Made from textured durable vinyl, each of these fitted Lynx grill covers is designed for a specific size and model. That means you get a perfect fit, with no space for water to pool or cause damage. Meanwhile, finger loops made from nylon make it easy to grab the fabric and pull it into place—that means you can get all your gear covered up before the big storm hits instead of struggling with straps and ropes. Beneath the cover, you'll find a felt layer that cradles your cooker for a gentle fit that won't damage your grill's silver finish. Keep in mind that these covers are water-resistant and not waterproof—if they were completely sealed, any humidity that got beneath your grill cover could cause damage. It's important that your barbecue "breathe", and with a shining surface that's as beautiful as the Lynx stainless steel, why keep it covered unless you have to?

For More Than Grills

While Lynx grill covers fit every kind of grill that they produce, their catalog is filled with all kinds of outdoor cooking gear. Find fitted fabrics to cover devices like outdoor pizza ovens as well as built-in grills. Meanwhile, faucets and fixtures need to be topped as well. Nobody wants to head into the backyard to find the outdoor sink plugged with leaves and debris. And while these outdoor kitchen experts do sell craft side burners and griddles that amateur chefs can use to customize their cooking space, many of those extras come with their own metallic toppers to protect them from wind, water and refuse. If you're not sure where to find the protective gear for your Lynx grill or other cooking products, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 or swing by the store. Our experts are equipped with all the knowledge you need to make an educated choice to keep your barbecue going for summer after summer. For more information on everything you need to know about backyard cooking, check out our Outdoor Grills Buying Guide. Here, our in-house grillers delve into all of the different ways the modern barbecue can cook a steak, delving into all the details (including fuel source, size, and even thermometers.

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  • The guys did a great job. I've never had appliances delivered or installed so well or with so much care. THANK YOU!!!
    Kevin S. - Naperville, IL
    May 30, 2021