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Lynx Grill Side Burners: Accessory Cookers Take the Stage

True masters of barbecue know that there's nothing better than flame-charred food served hot for dinner. That being said, plates served with a single burger patty or chicken wing never made a complete meal. A spread worthy of being called a "barbecue" requires sauces, veggies, side dishes, and desserts. That's why the designers at Lynx Grills created their modular outdoor kitchen that allows for customization of cooking gear—including the addition of Lynx grill side burners. These burners make your Lynx grill as functional (if not more so) as your indoor kitchen oven. Simmer sauces, sautee veggies, boil pasta, and cook just about anything you can imagine with a little help from your optional gas burners.

How To Choose Between Grill Side Burners: One or Two?

At first appearance, many of these burners could be hard to differentiate. They all share that stainless steel look that covers all Lynx grills and grill accessories, but they all serve different purposes. For example, some run on natural gas while others are powered by liquid propane, making them curated to match your barbecue. Pair your natural gas barbecue with a natural gas burner, and a liquid propane barbecue with a liquid propane burner. Otherwise, you'll be investing in accessories that won't power on. Next, consider your barbecue's size and whether it's freestanding or built-in. This factor will determine what types of burners will "fit" beside it. A built-in Lynx grill is pretty flexible when it comes to accessories—as long as you have countertop space, you can install as much gear as you need (from sinks and faucets to oversize griddles). But with freestanding grills on carts, your choices become a bit more limited. Look for anything that says "cart-mounted" in the name. Many of these attach directly to the edge of your grill and have a folding table built in to allow for extra prep space. Place a cutting board here to chop veggies, peel potatoes, and prepare any other foods that are about to hit the heat on your gas burner.

If you're not sure whether you need one or two of these Lynx grill side burners in your outdoor cooking station, take a moment to consider your barbecuing lifestyle. If you cook outdoors often (or are hoping to), then you'll want as much cooking power as possible. Two burners will give you enough room to simmer multiple side dishes for weekday dinners, backyard gatherings, and even block parties. If you're cooking side dishes in bulk, consider equipping your grill with a power burner that can heat foods up as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a pot of semi-cooked mashed potatoes half an hour after dinner was supposed to start. While two burners are stronger than one, not everyone needs that extra power. A single burner is enough for many couples and families, especially if you find yourself only barbecuing once every week or so. Use a single burner to accomplish all the tasks you'd normally need to complete inside, and use your Lynx grill in creative new ways to prioritize side dishes. Instead of using saucepans and stockpots, grill veggies and potatoes either directly on the grates or set them to spin in the rotisserie basket. Get creative with your recipes and let your single side burner act as the sous chef, instead of the star of the show.

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