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Convenient Cooking with Lynx Flat Top Grills

Dropping your veggies in between grates is frustrating. You waste food and there's a charred mess to clean up when you're done cooking. With a flat top grill or griddle from Lynx, you'll never lose your food again. The large, flat cooking surface maximizes the surface area so you can cook a variety of food at the same time. Cooking on a flat top grill or griddle means there aren't gaps to collect moisture or greasy buildup to damage your outdoor grill. Their stainless steel construction provides a convenient non-stick surface on which to cook steaks, vegetables, and more. The cooking surface is made of aluminum sandwiched between two sheets of stainless steel so your food is heated evenly.

The Trident™ burners are spread out under the steel surface so you don't have to worry about grease and drippings building up on the burners, which can cause dangerous flare ups in traditional grills. Each burner is controlled by its own backlit knob to create two separate heating zones—perfect for a multi-course meal. Once you've finished enjoying your meal, cleanup is easy. These flat top grills feature removable dual grease trays and a removable grilling surface so you can clean every inch to keep your Lynx grill running smoothly. Keeping your griddle surface clean is easier if you clean it regularly, scraping off food remnants while the griddle is still hot.

It's important to protect your investment. Protect your Lynx grill with the stainless steel cover and preserve the finish on your griddle. The stainless steel cover resists rust while keeping dust, dirt, and moisture away from your flat top grill so you can remove the cover and get grilling, no pre-cleaning required. This backyard hibachi-style griddle allows you to cook even more foods than a typical grill like mouth-watering fried rice or pancakes. With your Lynx grill, you can recreate the hibachi restaurant experience from your backyard. You can even cook an entire brunch on one appliance with this griddle, perfect for eggs, pancakes, sausage, and more. No matter what your family requests, your Lynx grill will get the job done. Your Lynx flat top grill is designed with convenience in mind. Freestanding models feature caster wheels that let you easily roll the grill out of the way for parties or into your garage for off-season storage. If you're looking for a permanent placement in your outdoor kitchen island, Lynx also offers built-in options to keep your flat top grill close to storage or other appliances.

Lynx also offers the option to install your flat top grill cooktop on a mobile cart. This option gives you the mobility like other freestanding models thanks to caster wheels while also offering cabinets and drawer space. The cart can store spices, utensils, or even your grilling apron so your cooking essentials are within arm's reach. Your Lynx flat top grill will be your new favorite outdoor appliance. Thanks to its versatility and high quality construction, it's an investment you'll have for years to come. If you need help choosing the right model for your backyard, give one of our grill experts a call at 800-860-3577.

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