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Lynx Outdoor Grills

Lynx Grills: Professional-Grade Outdoor Cooking

Whether you're hunting for a replacement for your beloved barbecue or shopping around for your first charcoal smoker ever, the engineers at Lynx have created grills designed for every experience level. Each of their high-quality cookers is crafted with shining stainless steel for an unbeatable style and unmatched durability. And while their entire line of products shares a similar silver profile, each model is made with a different gourmet purpose in mind. Explore their portfolio to find the device that's best for your home and lifestyle.

The Outdoor Kitchen: Built-In Barbecues

Outdoor kitchens are built for natural entertainers, backyard chefs, and those who love spending their free time in the great outdoors (whether they're clutching a book or holding grilling utensils). Complete your outdoor kitchen with a built-in Lynx grill. Choose between a liquid propane or natural-gas-fueled barbecue, then have your high-heat cooker installed and enjoy your shining new monument to flavor. Keep in mind that an outdoor kitchen isn't complete with just a grill. It's called a "kitchen" for a reason—you want to keep exciting meal-making technology outdoors, as well as all the gear you need to entertain guests and enjoy family meals outside. Lynx Grills specializes in other backyard cooking gear like flat top griddles and pizza ovens, too, helping you get the most out of your outdoor space. Use these devices to crisp classic Neapolitan pizzas, cook up veggie-filled fried rice, or make a breakfast buffet of pancakes and sausage. Get creative in your outdoor kitchen with Lynx grills.

Freestanding Barbecues: Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, and Charcoal

While these backyard kitchens are a luxury that's sweeping the barbecue world, there's nothing more classic than a freestanding grill. These Lynx grills have the flexibility of free-range movement thanks to heavy-duty caster wheels, and can go from the outdoor patio to sheltering from bad weather in the garage in just a few minutes. For those without overhead weather protection, opt for a customized cover instead. The water-resistant fabric and tight fit help to ensure rain and snow don't pool atop your high-quality cooker. Don't think that the loss of a "kitchen" means a lack of storage space, though—keep grill accessories stored within each device's cart, including rotisseries, utensils, and smoker chips. Each cart is made from the same bright stainless steel used in all Lynx grills, giving each barbecue set-up an uninterrupted style. Keep yours on display beside your patio furniture for a conversation piece guests will be sure to notice.

Make It Yours: Accessorize

The engineers at Lynx designed each barbecue set-up to be as customizable as possible—whether you're using a built-in model or a freestanding range. Some cookers can be customized with smoker tubes, rotisserie baskets, and even side burners. These grill accessories are designed to make outdoor cooking as thrilling (and functional) as possible. Thanks to the outdoor kitchen experts at Lynx Grills, your custom cooker or kitchen is easy to find and built to last. Not sure which of these barbecues is best for your lifestyle? Read up on all the different backyard cookers available with our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide, or give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577. We've got all the grilling knowledge you need to find the perfect cooker for your lifestyle, whether you need something to cook big meals every weekend or a restaurant-quality cooker designed just for you.

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