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Lynx Grill Rotisseries

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Lynx Grill Rotisseries

Add a grill rotisserie to your outdoor grill and expand your culinary possibilities. Rotisserie cooking from your Lynx grill allows you to cook a variety of meals from your backyard. Rotisseries are perfect for cooking cuts of meat that have crisp skin on the outside with tender flesh on the inside. The result is restaurant-quality food that your friends and family will love. Whether you're cooking a whole chicken or a rib roast, this grill accessory delivers superior results every time. It adds more value to your grill without having to buy a bulky appliance. Be sure to center whatever you're cooking on the rotisserie to cook it evenly. Motorized rotisseries let you set and forget your food so you can grill sides or just relax in the yard until dinner is ready. Your grill rotisserie will work well with the rear rotisserie burners or the main burners on your Lynx grill.

A rotisserie basket combines the even slow cooking of a classic rotisserie with a secure vessel for cooking smaller foods. You can toss peppers or chicken wings into your basket to experience the magic of self-basting, which happens when food is rotisserie cooked. If you're a self-described coffee snob, you can even roast coffee beans in a rotisserie basket. You'll be able to enjoy crispy, restaurant-style french fries anytime with a rotisserie basket. While a basket won't let you center your food on a spoke like you can on a traditional rotisserie, it is important to be sure that food is evenly distributed throughout the basket before you start cooking. Using a rotisserie can still make a mess of your Lynx grill even if you're not cooking directly on the grates. It's helpful to add a drip pan to keep things clean and even make gravy to spread on your food once it's done. Adding a meat thermometer will also help you determine when your food is done without having to stop the rotisserie or open the rotisserie basket. If you're looking to transform your outdoor kitchen into a full cooking oasis, consider adding a side burner to your setup as well. With it, you can sear the outside of a steak after it's cooked on the rotisserie or simmer a sauce for the chicken wings tossing around in your rotisserie basket.

Lynx designs their appliances with luxury in mind and their grill rotisseries are no exception. Stainless steel is a solid choice for your grill rotisserie as it includes several benefits while also looking sleek and polished on the grill. Stainless steel is easy to clean while also being extremely durable. Lynx rotisseries are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup after your outdoor festivities. Stainless steel resists rust or corrosion, which is crucial for outdoor cooking appliances. It also has good heat absorption so the rotisserie heats evenly, which in turn will cook food evenly. Your Lynx grill rotisserie will maintain its condition after countless backyard events. If you're ready to upgrade your outdoor kitchen but don't know where to start, check out our guide to outdoor kitchen essentials. If you have questions about grill accessories, give one of our grilling experts a call at 800-860-3577.

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