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Grilling Tools & Gadgets to Enhance Your Lynx Grill

Adding the right tools and accessories to your Lynx grill will help you cook better meals and reduce the number of times you have to run inside for a forgotten spice or utensil. Like their grills, Lynx makes their tools and accessories out of stunning stainless steel that performs well while providing an upscale look. You can easily clean the tools to keep them performing well through the summer and beyond. Stainless steel is particularly useful for outdoor grill tools because of its rust and corrosion resistance. Combining durability and convenience will transform your outdoor kitchen into your favorite spot to entertain in your home. Lynx has an enviable lineup of grill tools and gadgets that enhance your outdoor kitchen. Bottle holders, towel bars, and conversion kits offer added convenience or storage space that improves your cooking experience and gives you greater control in your outdoor kitchen. Bottle holders attach to 24", 36", or 42" doors on your outdoor island. These holders have a simple design to conveniently store a variety of items like condiments, cocktail mixers, spices and more. They prominently feature the Lynx logo to match your Lynx grill, giving your setup a streamlined look. Adding multiple bottle holders to your kitchen island to organize your items by category and keep your kitchen fully stocked. Install them strategically; keep one near your built-in ice chest so you can whip up cocktails or secure one close to the grill so you can add that perfect pinch of salt.

Keeping your outdoor kitchen clean not only preserves its stainless steel finish but also keeps away insects or animals who may be lured in by the sweet smell of barbecue sauce. Like all of Lynx's luxury equipment, even the towel bar is made of stainless steel that won't rust after repeated contact with wet towels. These bars have a heavy-duty welded construction that looks and feels durable and won't get wobbly after pulling towels on and off all summer. You can install these towel bars anywhere on your outdoor kitchen. For larger kitchens, install a towel bar by the sink to dry hands or dishes and one by your grill to clean up spills and splatters. Conversion kits will help you transform your Lynx grill from a natural gas to a liquid propane model. Be sure to call a technician to install your converter kit to avoid injury or damage to your grill. Liquid propane grills have several advantages. They provide plenty of heating power and heat up quickly for more efficient cooking while also being easy to find at stores. It's also easier to clean than, say, a charcoal grill. Converting your grill to liquid propane also frees you from connecting to a gas line so you can move your grill freely. If you're looking to increase the efficiency of your Lynx grill, a conversion kit might be for you. Investing in high quality grill tools and gadgets will have you cooking restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of your outdoor kitchen. If you need help choosing which grill tools to add to your arsenal, call one of our friendly experts at 800-860-3577.

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