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Napoleon Drip Pans

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Napoleon Grill Drip Pans

The Napoleon Grill Drip Pans are a great addition to any Napoleon outdoor grills that you may have for your backyard. They will ensure that you can catch all of the drippings from those delicious steaks and hamburgers and can save all of the mess that you do not want to deal with.

It is so important to have a grease tray when you work with a gas grill. These grease trays are a convenient way to help you to keep your grill and outdoor kitchen area as clean as possible. These Napoleon's grills are equipped with some of the best sear plates that are able to vaporize grease when they contact, but sometimes a bit is going to get through and fall out of the grill.

You can either leave it alone and have a big mess to clean up when you are done, or you can use one of our Napoleon grill drip pans to help keep things as cleaned up and organized as possible. When you have this full-length pan in place, you can catch all of that grease and then dispose of it properly to keep things organized and to save time.

You can choose to clean out the grease tray each time, but it is wide and long enough that you can do it every ten grilling sessions to help it not overfill. Once you replace it after those ten grilling sessions, you can put in a new one (they come in packs of 5), to make sure the grill stays safe and clean.

Grilling grease trays are going to be such an important part of maintaining your grill and helping it to last a long time to come. It also makes things a lot easier for you when you are done with grilling because you will not have to clean it all up when you are done. Try out the Napoleon grill drip pan and see what a difference it can make in your grilling experience.

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