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Napoleon Grilling Gloves & Aprons

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  • Napoleon - 62131 - Grilling Gloves & Aprons
    Abt Model: 62131
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    100% Black, Lint Free Cotton/ Large Pockets Napoleon Branded/ Black Finish
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    Your Price: $22.99
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Napoleon Grilling Gloves and Aprons

Is your resident pitmaster a fan of sauces, grease and marinades? It kind of comes with the territory. Whether your household barbecues veggie kabobs or full-sized pork loins, you're going to need a bit of protective gear to keep splatters from your clothes and heat from your hands. That's why Napoleon grilling gloves and aprons are designed to stand up to the test of heavy wear. Find the accessories you need to make your smoked favorites at every time of year at Abt.

Durability and Quality First

Not all pitmasters might think of aprons as necessities. They might focus on wood chips to lend smoke-worthy flavor, high-powered smart thermometers, or even the barbecue itself. And while all of these are definitely must-have's, all it takes is one saucey splatter to wreck the best work shirt you own. Lock out burns and stains with thick Napoleon grilling gloves and aprons. 100% cotton designs and deep patterns ensure that little gets through to the fabrics and skin beneath. Look for upgraded versions with features like deep pockets and straps for towels, and slide your favorite tool or two in here. You'll be able to keep gear like thermometers, spatulas, tongs and more at the ready for when it's time to flip that rack of ribs.

Napoleon grilling gloves are another must-have, and can block out temperatures over 400° Fahrenheit. Even if you're cooking low-and-slow, you'll want to keep your digits as protected as possible. You'll be able to grab gear that sits right on the heat, from heavy cast iron pans to baking sheets loaded with sliced veggies. Intelligent grip patterns mean that users will have a hard time dropping what they pick up too, saving saucy wings and sizzling burners from an unfortunate tumble to the ground.

Furnish Your Outdoor Kitchen at Abt

Whether your backyard barbecue station consists of a simple charcoal model or a completely fleshed out outdoor kitchen complete with bar, sink and built-in barbecue, true chefs always want to go further. Find everything you need at Abt, from Napoleon grilling gloves to outdoor heaters and more. You'll be ready to tackle any task with no fear of burns or spills; these accessories make the perfect start-of-summer gifts before family barbecues and neighborhood block parties.

Not sure what else your backyard needs? Reach out to our team of outdoor experts for advice, tips, product suggestions and more. Give us a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to see us in person. Would you rather do some research from home? Check out our Grill Buying Guide to learn more about the newest flame-fueled technology.

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