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Napoleon Grilling Gloves & Aprons

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Napoleon Grilling Gloves and Aprons

You can get your Napoleon grill out any time of year and have a nice meal prepared and an enjoyable time using it. There is one time of year where you can find many people utilizing the grill and enjoying time with family and friends while getting things ready to feast on! We know just how important it is to have a top-of-the-line grill… and anyone who is really into grilling will have a Napoleon outdoor grill and all of the Napoleon grill accessories to make your experience grilling an outstanding one! You really can't have a Napoleon grill without having the finest Napoleon grilling gloves and aprons to go along with it! Having these grilling accessories will take you to the next level, and we have some items that we want to let you know about!

Napoleon Heat Resistant BBQ Glove – 62145

Sometimes grilling can be tricky, and you may think it's too hot to handle. Luckily, if you have these gloves you don't have to worry about that! Our heat-resistant BBQ gloves can handle heat up to 475°F and are made from aramid fibers, have a soft cotton liner, and have grey silicone grips so you will always have a good grasp on things.

Napoleon Black Grilling Apron – 62131

No grill master is complete without their grilling apron and we have a great option for you! This apron is 100% cotton; it's really soft and comfortable and has our signature logo on one of the pockets. The deep pockets are great to hold tools, towels and any other necessities you will need while you're at the grill! The long neck loop and back ties make it easy to put on and will fit most!

Napoleon Pro Grilling Apron – 62135

It's never guaranteed that grilling will be a clean job and you want to always come out looking that you had no issues on the grill. This apron will protect you from any splatters, spills, or popping food that you may experience while you're at the grill! It is a black and grey fashionable apron that has our Napoleon name in big letters. It is one size fits most, and you will enjoy grilling with it on. It is a great way to keep your grilling tools with you in the large pockets, and it also has a bottle opener on it as well!

We are ready for you to enjoy your grilling time, and we have the best gloves and aprons to help you do so!

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