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Samsung Refrigerators: French Door Fridges

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Samsung French Door Refrigerator

The refrigerator has come far from the days of the classic icebox and the top-freezer refrigerator that dominated the market for so long. And fridges will always reign supreme over the kitchen, too. As one of the largest appliances in the room, your fridge will be the most eye-catching kitchen object. Explore the newest trends in kitchen appliances with the Samsung French door refrigerator. These giants of design bring a broad width and shining exterior to any home, and can elevate your style no matter which model you choose. Once you're done admiring the shining exterior, throw open the doors of a Samsung French door refrigerator and take a peek at the cutting-edge technology inside.

Smart Technology: Samsung French Door Refrigerator

With a screen you can personalize and exciting possibilities, the most notable Samsung French door refrigerator comes with the Family Hub. This Family Hub screen covers one of the doors with a monitor you can easily modify, taking over the role that magnets, paper lists, and printed photos previously held on the classic fridge.

Instead of pinning papers and recipes all across your French door refrigerator's surface, upload them to the Family Hub. Here, you can use all kinds of apps that make your life easier. Keep track of events, make lists for the grocery store, find meal ideas, and even order new food with up to six dash buttons. But the technology you use the most just might be inside the fridge. Cameras in here keep an eye on foods, allowing you to track expiration dates and know when you're out of necessities like milk or soda. That way, you'll never miss an opportunity to grab eggs on the way home from work again.

Strong and Organized Behind Closed Doors

Whether your Samsung French door refrigerator is equipped with a Family Hub or not, these fridges come loaded with organizational features that make it easy to keep your groceries fresh for as long as possible. Adjustable door bins and shelves make it easy to store foods and beverages of all sizes. Stash party platters, birthday cakes, and charcuterie boards on the full-width shelves, and keep tall bottles chilled in door bins.

Samsung has developed exciting new technologies to help keep your fridge at the optimal temperature for produce, too. Look for a Samsung French door refrigerator equipped with their TwinCooling system. This dual refrigeration tech uses separate coolers on both the fridge and freezer. That way, the freezer gets the ultra-cold air it needs to keep your snacks and treats cold, all while chilly air in the fridge is kept at near-commercial grade humidity levels. A drier freezer leads to less freezer burn, while a more humid fridge keeps produce tasting crisp and fresh.

Support For Your Samsung

If you're still not quite sure where to start looking when it comes to new fridges, check out our Refrigerator Sizing & Buying Guide. Here, you'll learn about the other models and their strengths and weaknesses. And no matter what kind you decide on, it's always important to measure your space at least twice before picking out a new one. If you're in search of more personalized advice, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We've got all the expertise you need to make an informed decision. Plus, we'll help to service any local appliance throughout its lifespan, making sure your new fridge looks good and works well.

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