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Smeg Refrigerators

Smeg Refrigerators

A Smeg Refrigerator combines aesthetics with unmatched performance to create the perfect appliance for your kitchen. Since 1948, Smeg has built a full line of home appliances, including Smeg fridges. At Abt, our Smeg collection offers a diverse set of vibrant tones and dazzling colors that brings a dash of sizzle to your kitchen. They're designed to look amazing while keeping your beverages cold and your food fresh, cool, and crisp.

The Smeg Fridge is Energy-Efficient

Smeg fridges combine the sleek Italian style design with 1950's charm. Since 1997, the Smeg refrigerator was built as a homage to the European and American appliances from the 1950s. These retro-style fridges feature eye-catching chrome detailing, soft-round edges, and a latch-style handle for convenient opening and closing. Smeg's designs are so revolutionary they represent much more than a brand. They represent a lifestyle. Those who buy the Smeg see the value in buying a retro appliance and adding a bit of flair to their interior design. However, the Smeg Fridge isn't only good for its visual appeal. These fridges are ENERGY STAR certified, meaning that they utilize less energy than most appliances. As a result, consumers save money on electricity over the entire lifetime of the appliance. In addition, these appliances meet most environmental initiatives.

Abt Offers a Wide Selection of Smeg Fridges

Besides the top freezer model, Smeg refrigerator choices also include a bottom freezer along with counter depth models. Read our guide for an explanation of the differences between counter depth and standard models. You have the flexibility to configure the interior compartments to accommodate unique items such as wide catering platters or tall wine bottles. Smeg appliances don't sacrifice function either. These fridges use a multi-flow cold air distribution system to ensure that the humidity and temperatures are regulated in each compartment. Users can also enjoy the built-in special compartment to store perishable foods like fish, meat, poultry, and dairy products. The Smeg refrigerator is radical and retro-style on the outside but modern on the inside. They include new-aged technology in their refrigerators, such as easy-set digital temperature controls and bright LED lighting inside. These fridges come in a wide selection of colors to match any kitchen interior designs and layouts. However, the Smeg's aren't just limited to residing in the kitchen. They can also be used in a person's room, parked in a garage, or in-home offices. In addition, many stylish inns and boutique hotels spice up their rooms with Smegs for Italian luxury—not to mention modern offices and coworking spaces offer Smeg fridges.

A Unique and Bold Addition to Your Kitchen

The Smeg Fridge is not only stunning but also extremely energy efficient. With so many sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. That's why Abt is here to help make your choice easier with our handy Refrigerator Sizing and Buying Guide. For those who have questions, you can contact our Appliance Experts at 800-860-3577. Bring your kitchen to life with the new Smeg refrigerator!

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