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Sony Soundbar Speakers

Immersive surround sound isn't just for cinemas and home theaters anymore. Bring the movie theater to your living room with a Sony soundbar—an easy, foolproof way to supercharge your TVs audio with just one machine. One machine that's easy to install and has a comparatively inexpensive price tag.

Soundbars have exploded into popularity, and it's easy to see what makes them special. Unlike the classic home theater system, which is made up of speakers and subwoofers that need installation, a soundbar is just one piece of hardware. That is, unless it comes with a wireless subwoofer. These tetherless subs help to boost your bass and ensure every beat lands.

Why You Need One—Really

Let's take a step back and look at the broader picture: the television. In the past two decades, TVs have been aspiring to higher and higher definition. 4K resolution, bigger screens, and an ultra-deep saturation of color are just some of the advances modern 4K OLED TVs can claim. However, ultra-slim designs and skinnier frames have come at a cost: there simply isn't enough space for good built-in speakers.

Thus the Sony soundbar has risen to popularity. Think of this audio device as one long speaker that sits right by your TV--no positioning or mounting required. They're easy to install, plugging right into your TV's HDMI port and power source for seamless audio at the speed of sound.

Change the Channel

When choosing a soundbar, it's important to understand the idea of "channels". Channels describe the number of directions a speaker generates audio from. A classic two-channel Sony soundbar uses both a right and left channel to emit sound, while a three-channel device does the same along with a center speaker

Looking at a soundbar with more than three channels? That indicates that the device is firing sound at multiple angles, sending it to the corners or walls of the room. The sound will seem like it is bouncing off the walls, ceiling, and even your floor to swallow you whole. Finally, look for a speaker with an optional added subwoofer for boosted bass. This machine puts off frequencies between 20 and 30 Hz for vibration that you can feel more than hear.

Sony Soundbar Style

Thanks to their slim shape and easy setup, a Sony soundbar can easily fit your space's style, whether you're in a living room, basement, or family room. Add yours to a shelf on a TV stand or entertainment center for ease of access and simple setup. Stash your favorite films and game consoles here too to keep everything in one spot.

Looking for a minimalist, modern look? Ditch the TV stand entirely by mounting both your TV and soundbar on the wall for a completely weightless appearance. Keep visible cables out of the way by connecting via Bluetooth® technology, and see if you can keep any subwoofers out of sight by hiding them behind the sofa.

Need More Help?

Do you still have questions about soundbars? Stuck between two options, and not sure which one best fits your needs? Check out our Soundbar buying guide, or give us a call at 800-860-3577. We'll help you find the one that's best for your home. Order online with free shipping, or come into our showroom and check out some of the Sony soundbars on display in person.

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