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Traeger Grilling Mitt: Handling Hot Food with Care

Your pork roast is smoking, the veggie sides are sizzling, and everything is going perfectly—until it's time to take those foods off your wood pellet smoker. Instead of reaching in and burning your hands on the roasting pan, defend yourself with a Traeger grilling mitt. This padded protector is made with sturdier materials than your classic pot holder or other kitchen textiles thanks to durable canvas. Make sure you have one (or two) at your side when you're in the mood for grilled eats. Even if you're flipping burgers with extra-long spatulas or tongs meant to keep you far from the flame, you should be equipped with temperature-resistant gear.

Sturdy Materials Stitched with Care

Unlike a silicone glove or simple kitchen towel, the Traeger grilling mitt is built for the high heat and continual exposure of the backyard barbecue. Instead of maneuvering a skillet from one burner to another, you're moving an entire rack of ribs, or a chicken throne, all while flame blazes up at you from below. That's why the fabric is made from a thick brown canvas material layered with durable quilted cotton. The crosswise stitch pattern gives the glove an iconic look and extra flexibility, too, allowing you to grip and release with ease. Meanwhile, a leather-lined cuff lends extra style to your Traeger grilling mitt at every angle. The brown leather ensures a comfortable fit against your arm, all while matching the canvas color of the glove. A simple leather loop allows users to hang their heat-resistant glove from a nearby hook, whether it's built into their barbecue or outdoor kitchen. Keep in mind that this protector is reversible too, meaning that both righties and lefties can take their turn when it's time to handle hot pans and other BBQ cookware.

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  • The guys did a great job. I've never had appliances delivered or installed so well or with so much care. THANK YOU!!!
    Kevin S. - Naperville, IL
    May 30, 2021