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Vitamix blenders are the obvious choice for perfectly blended smoothies. Their unrivaled power easily crushes through ice and frozen fruit for smooth, delicious results. With colors like classic black and trendy copper, Vitamix blenders are a reflection of your taste and personality. Vitamix offers several low-profile blenders that can easily fit under your cabinets. Depending on which blender you buy, you can make hot soup, ice cream, and even homemade peanut butter. Most of these blenders have a numbered dial that lets you control the intensity of blending, which means you'll never over blend your recipes. The included tamper helps remove air pockets in your mixture, which creates smoother results. Different blenders use different tampers to ensure the perfect fit inside each Vitamix container. Vitamix blenders are available in several ranges like Ascent, Explorian, or Legacy. Each range has their own benefits and price point so you can choose a blender that does exactly what you need. Ascent blenders are the top-of-the-line offering that combine power, precision, and built-in wireless connectivity. These blenders have Self-Detect® containers that allow the blender base to sense and adjust blending power based on which container you have attached. They even boast an LED screen and touch controls. Some Ascent models even have self-cleaning features to make cleanup easier than ever.

The Vitamix Legacy series offers plenty of benefits too, ranging from variable speed control to program settings for specific foods. The Vitamix Explorian range includes your entry-level Vitamix, perfect for those on a budget or who don't need all the bells and whistles of other Vitamix blenders. These small kitchen appliances still offer variable speed control and pulse settings so you can blend a range of foods. With replacement containers and additional attachments, you can upgrade your Vitamix no matter which model you choose. If beverages are more your speed, Vitamix also has their Drink Machine™ line with options exclusively for commercial use. Vitamix also offers immersion blenders. These handheld blenders can puree vegetables for soup, blend pancake batter, beat eggs, make homemade whipped cream, and much more. Like standard Vitamix blenders, this handheld device can even blend ice and frozen fruit for smoothies. Choose from five speeds that adapt to any dish you're making. These immersion blenders are designed so right- or left-handed people can easily use them and also feature a bell guard unique to Vitamix that protects your favorite pots, pans, and containers from scratches from the blades. Their compact shape makes them easy to store in your kitchen cabinets so you can keep your counter space open. These blenders are perfect for those with smaller kitchens or who want a high quality blender without spending a lot of money.

The right blender depends on your lifestyle and cooking preferences. Whether you're looking for a classic countertop blender or an immersion blender, our blender buying guide is full of information to help you decide. If you're looking for a product recommendation or just prefer talking to a person, call our appliance experts at 800-860-3577 for help.

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