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Weber Grill Cookware: Beyond Steaks and Burgers

No matter how well crafted the burger, or how amazing the sear marks on your steaks look, man cannot live on red meat alone. Well, not too happily without getting bored, at least after a while. That's why the experts at Weber have created new ways to enjoy a wide variety of your favorite foods, all made with the smoky goodness of your backyard barbecue. (And yes, this includes red meat too.) Make pies on your grill pizza stone, heat pancakes on a cast iron griddle for grill pan, or keep your fish filets from sticking to the griddle with a fish grill basket. Discover new and creative ways to cook for the whole family with Weber grill cookware.

Cast Iron for Griddle Greatness

While there's nothing like using the bars and spaces between your grill grates to get that ideal sear, sometimes you need your barbecue to go a little further. Plus, smaller foods, sauces, and liquids can fall between grates at any time. Whether you're making breakfast for the family or taking the group on a campout, attachable griddles turn your grill into one uninterrupted cooking space. A border around the outer edge of the griddle prevents spillover from the oddly-poured pancake, while an extra-strong cast iron surface provides a sturdy cooking surface. Before purchasing, make sure you pick the griddle that will match your BBQ, from the portable Weber Q series to the gas-fueled Genesis II. Alternatively, a separate circular griddle or classic cast iron pan can work well for barbecues without a specified shape.

Pizza Stones, Racks, and More

These barbecue experts stock more than just griddles, yoo. New BBQ tech is always on the horizon, from racks designed to hold ribs aloft while grilling to grill-able veggie baskets. Before browsing through the collection, think about some of your favorite dishes, and how you could put a smoky spin on them with your outdoor cooker. If your family orders cheesy slices once a week, try out a grill pizza stone and create your own crust (complete with toppings). Or try out elevated racks to have your foods indirectly heated. No matter what you love to cook out in the yard, it's time to ditch crumpled aluminum foil and go for professional products instead.

Service and Support, Served Fast

Whether you're flipping burgers on the barbie or tossing sizzling pancakes on the griddle, make sure that your outdoor kitchen is ready for dinnertime. If you're not sure which gear is best for your backyard setup, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our grillmaster experts know their way around a barbecue and can help you to find the accessories that you need. Alternatively, come into the store to check out our stock in person.

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