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BBQ Favorites On-The-Go

All-weather fun isn't constricted to your porch or patio, and grilling shouldn't be either. Whether you're going on a campout, a tailgate, a boat ride, or to the beach, bring your favorite foods with you with a Weber portable grill. These on-the-go cookers have been making sausages and burgers at pop-up barbecues for decades. No matter where your outdoor adventure takes you and your family, make sure you've got hot food ready at lunchtime (and don't forget to bring the cooler).

Weber Grills Q Series

While Weber is most famous for their charcoal kettle grill, their series of portable Q grills is also immediately recognizable. These easy-to-transport BBQs share a shape with their kettle-like ancestors, with a rounded bowl and lid that trap smoky flavors for quick cooking. Boasting even heat distribution and flip-up lids, the Q series has models to fit any off-road situation. The Q 1200 and 2200 are made with foldable wings (the perfect spot to rest seasonings and utensils) and have a built-in thermometer to help you know when the grill is up to temperature. Personalize the lid to match your favorite color, or the team color if you're using yours for tailgates at home games. These models are all fueled by liquid propane gas. If gas isn't an option, opt for the Weber 1400 or 2400. These portable grills run on electricity, making them multitaskers that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Plus, there's no flammability component and no running out of fuel. Take these anywhere you'll have an electrical outlet (these days, many RV and campout spots have electrical hookups).

Things to Consider: Portable Weber Grills

While Weber's portable grills are great for taking on the go, they can also be a permanent solution for those who find themselves tight on space. Whether you're grilling on a balcony, a small patio, or inside (electrically), these potable smokers can handle a high capacity of food. Before you pick yours, make sure you find a grill with enough space for your needs. Overcrowded grills can lead to undercooked food and less-than-exceptional taste. Equip your right-sized cooker with grill accessories like wheeled carts and covers. That way, you'll be able to protect it from the elements when it's outside, or wheel it into the garage to keep it out of sight. When it's time to hit the road, leave your cart and cover behind as you pack the car.

Small BBQs, Large Support

If you're still not sure that these colorful and portable Weber grills are for you, it's time to do a bit of homework. Check out our resources in Abt's Learn Center, like our outdoor grill buying guide and our article on the Best Portable Grills of 2021. Here, our experts dissect what makes a good grill, the different types of barbeques, and which ones might be right for your home. If you're looking for more personalized advice, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Abt's grill masters will be happy to help you find the portable Weber grill that's designed for your lifestyle.

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