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Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerators

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Whirlpool Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Update your cold storage functionality with a Whirlpool Side-By-Side Refrigerator. Engineered to make everyday life easier, these powerhouses are made for flexibility. Features like adjustable shelves and digital temperature controls make changing simple. That way, the job gets done--whether you're shifting shelves to fit this year's holiday turkey or trying to keep produce as fresh as possible. Discover more, and find a Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator that fits your home.

Side-by-Side Space

With both a freezer and fridge that stretch from the floor to the model's height, these refrigerators are full of square footage. As a general rule, that means side-by-sides have more freezer area than the average top or bottom freezer. That makes them great options for the frozen meal prepper, ice-cream lover, and home chef.

Looking to maximize your refrigerator's available space? Keep an eye out for Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerators with adjustable features like movable shelves and door bins. Tall bottles and jars should stay together in the doors, freeing up available space for party trays and larger tupperware bins.

Meanwhile, keep favorite foods easy to access with the two-door design. With a top- or bottom-freezer model, users have to bend over or stand on their toes to try and get to a snack stash. With a side-by-side, all you have to do is reach inside. Keep your favorites at eye level, and larger items you use less in bins or closer to the floor.

Dual Design

These refrigerators are created to fit your life. Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerators are well known as a space saving option ideal for small kitchens. Keeping your fridge side small means more space for countertops and other appliances.That way, you have more kitchen to go around.

Square inches aren't the only thing these refrigerators end up saving. Keep utility bills low with LED lights inside your fridge. These low power bulbs are seated inside your fridge, giving off a white glow that uses less electricity than a traditional bulb. These LED's produce less heat than incandescent bulbs, helping to keep your fridge cooler and costs down.

Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerators are designed smart, inside and out. Choose a look that fits your kitchen's style. A white or black appliance might look stunning in a more monochromatic kitchen. Meanwhile, classic stainless steel pairs well with nearly any kitchen. For stainless steel that's easy to clean, look for fridges with Fingerprint Resistant technology.

Remodeling your home with counter-depth appliances? These devices align perfectly with existing cabinetry and counters for a "built-in" look. Create a cohesive kitchen with a counter-depth Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator, and make sure your new fridge looks good next to your range and microwave.

If you're still not sure what you're looking for in a refrigerator, check out our refrigerator sizing and buying guide, as well as this French Door vs. Side by Side Fridge article comparing French door and side-by-side refrigerators. Consider your kitchen and what you need from a device, then give us a call at 847-954-4100 or head into the store to talk with a specialist. We're always ready to help with an expert opinion.

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