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Yamaha Receivers

Whether you spend your days watching movies or listening to your favorite songs, you'll know it's true: much of modern technology is not built primarily for audio. Slim TVs and pocket-sized speakers just aren't going to get the job done when it comes to movie night and cocktail parties anymore. You want sound you can feel and experience, and that's impossible if you can barely hear it. Bring your audio to the next level with Yamaha receivers. These receivers help to connect your phone, turntables, Blu-Ray player, and TV all to your speakers. And if you've been listening to music on tinny headphones this whole time, a Yamaha receiver and speaker system will be a much-needed wake-up call.

Stereo Sound

While folks today might be used to hearing sound coming from a portable speaker, vinyl lovers and audiophiles will tell you that the best way to hear any song is in stereo. The left-right circuitry of stereo is how music has been mixed for decades, kind of like the left-right configuration of headphones. Stereo sound presents best in two (or sometimes more) speakers, though modern both lines can be run through a single speaker. Yamaha receivers channel this quality audio through sophisticated circuits for high-fidelity stereo sound. Feel the thump of the bass as the music surrounds you—you'll almost feel like you're at the concert. For a more convenient audio experience, connect your phone or another digital device to Yamaha receivers through Bluetooth®. You can then stream services like Apple Music, Spotify, and, of course, the good old radio. Complete your set up with wireless speakers in the room or throughout the home for Hi-Fi audio you can hear anywhere you'd like.

AV Functionality

Sound is more than just music, though. Outfit your home with an AV receiver to run audio from your TV, video system, or game console through to high-quality speakers. These multi talented AV machines are designed with flexibility in mind, and can manage multiple devices at once. If you're hoping to complete your multi-speaker home theater setup, look for a Yamaha receiver with enough channels to fit your system. Alternatively, upscale video from HD to 4K using receivers and 4K televisions. Bring your home theater system (or family room) to new heights with a receiver that supports object-based audio processing like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. These formats upscale beyond surround sound by firing sound in three dimensions. You can hear sound effects overhead, conversations ahead of you, and sweeping scores moving just beneath you. Pairing this high-quality audio with a 4K TV brings the action right into your home.

AV Support and Service

If you're still not sure where to start looking when it comes to your AV equipment, check out our AV receiver buying guide. Our audio experts built this resource to help readers better understand what these machines do, and how to tell which ones are best for you. If you need more personalized advice, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our specialists can help you find the right gear for your home that will fit your budget. Alternatively, come into the store to get a look at (or listen to) some of our AV gear. Plus, each of our devices comes with a manufacturer's warranty of at least one year. And even after that, we'll help to service your local appliance throughout its lifetime.

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