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Yamaha: Unrivaled Sonic Power

If you've ever listened to any music, odds are good that some aspect of what you're hearing was made with help from Yamaha. As instrument makers, audio tech developers and AV product designers, these creative engineers are at the forefront of the music industry. Found in concert halls, marching band practices, school classrooms and home theaters, their products are crafted with one key element in mind: audio quality. Established by the first upright piano maker in Japan, their storied history and complete understanding of music down to the instrument make them the perfect choice for audiophiles. You'll hear every stroke of the violinist's bow, every beat of the drum, and the hum of each chord. Seeking high fidelity and better quality? Equip your living space with a custom speaker set-up designed by Yamaha at Abt.

Soundbars: One and Done

While Abt isn't a big seller of guitars and woodwinds, we've been specializing in AV equipment since we first began over 85 years ago. Radios aren't as popular now as they were then, but we're well equipped with the newest Yamaha soundbars, speakers and subwoofers to help you create the best sound system for your home. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution to boost the volume for your movie nights, a soundbar is your best bet. You'll be able to hear every line of dialogue and musical effect around you spatially thanks to enhanced directional audio and virtual 3D sound. If you think you can get away with your TV's built-in audio alone, you might be surprised by what you're missing. Modern slimmer televisions often sacrifice speaker quality to get a slim profile; simply put, there's no room for noise that big in a device that skinny. Still not convinced? Head into the store to listen to one of the models we have available on the floor and hear the difference.

Create Your Sound System with Receivers, Speakers & More

If you're invested in high-quality music, a home cinema, or just know that a soundbar isn't the right choice for you, then it's time to create your dream space. Yamaha's designers have engineered options to optimize the volume in any space. A basic setup will usually include at least an amplifier or receiver and speakers, but you'll likely need more gear. A DVD or Blu-Ray player is a must-have for any system connecting to a screen, while CD players and turntables would be better for album collectors. Equip your space with Yamaha receivers and turntables, then consider your speaker situation. With wireless options, models designed to sit on bookshelves and others that stand freely on the floor, you'll be able to find the right gear for your home at Abt.

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you're ready for a sonic upgrade but are having a hard time choosing between models (or don't know what to look for), have no fear. Your local Abt experts have been helping people to create their perfect entertainment systems for years. Give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 to speak to a specialist, or head into the store to see us (and the Yamaha products) in action. Do some research at home ahead of time with our Audio Buying Guides.