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Yamaha Soundbars

Whether you're a film buff, video gamer, or love to stream tv shows, what you watch deserves the best sound. Yamaha soundbars bring the blockbuster to the living room with immersive sound--without breaking the bank. Available at every budget, these devices keep audio mixing at high fidelity. Hear the thrum of the bass in every musical montage. Feel the multi-layered explosion at the end of the car chase. And discover aspects of your favorite movies that you've never heard before.

Why You Really Need One

TV's have only gotten slimmer, leaping from square-shaped boxes to picture-framed screens on the wall. High definition and Ultra HD 4K screens allow for incredible definition and color depth within these thin machines. They're undeniably gorgeous. Unfortunately, sound quality has been lost as a casualty. Without the proper size and structure available in older TV sets, audio just doesn't seem the way it should. The speakers built into a modern television often point away or down from watchers, and drivers are not designed for strength. Modern built-in speakers need a little help.

Luxury Looks At the Speed of Sound

Enter the Yamaha soundbar. These long, rectangular devices pack the power of a home theater system into one slim, stylish package. Yamaha's speakers pack a punch with virtual 3D surround sound technology. Sound effects and music race down the length of the speaker, coming at listeners from different angles and diverse levels. Boost your bass with an included subwoofer for an even more satisfying experience. These minimalist soundbars don't just sound good--they look good, too. Match your slim tv with the minimalist silhouette of a Yamaha soundbar. Its low frame and square body are barely noticeable atop an entertainment center or TV stand. For an even more integrated look, incorporate your Yamaha soundbar directly into your home. Many can be wall mounted directly beneath your TV for a "floating" entertainment console. And while it might seem so, wall mounting your devices doesn't have to be scary. Learn more about wall-mounting here.

Connect Your Way

Fast installation and connection come easy with a classic HDMI or optical cable. There's no examining manuals or calling help lines during set-up. Just plug in, connect, and enjoy. Those in search of a wireless experience should look for a soundbar with MusicCast 5.1-channel surround setup. No wires, no mess, all sound. Music lovers rejoice--this high-quality audio isn't just for shows. Yamaha's MusicCast app allows you to connect with your soundbar via Bluetooth®, AirPlay®, or Spotify Connect for immersive sound. Keep the party going with playlist after playlist.

Smart Speakers

Look for a Yamaha soundbar with the smart features you need--and the ones you want. For those hoping to hear more dialogue and less background noise, opt for a model with Clear Voice mode. This feature accentuates vocals so you don't have to keep adjusting the volume in the newest action film. Whether you're throwing a party or taking care of household chores, the music shouldn't stop once you leave the room. Connect other MusicCast devices to the same WiFi network to start sharing audio across speakers throughout the home. Stream music services or downloads from your computer, tablet, or phone directly to your soundbar. Amazon Alexa connectivity allows you to play music, link speakers in different rooms together, and more. A mute feature keeps your privacy at priority by muting Alexa. Connect with other devices in your space to have a fully outfitted smart home. Match your next-generation TV with one of Yamaha's smart soundbars. Learn more about the device that's best for your home with our soundbar buying guide, or come into the store to see (and hear) our selection yourself. Our experts are ready to help you pick out one to suit your needs--give us a call at 800-860-3577 to talk to a specialist.

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