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Amazfit: A Smartwatch That Can Go Anywhere

Amazfit brings users smartwatches made for more than just the everyday, with styles and variants designed for different looks, purposes, fashions and people. These fitness trackers and time-tellers were crafted for the modern user, who moves from place to place and needs to be ready for everything. That might look like a spontaneous yoga class at the gym, a humid jog outdoors or a swim out in the salty ocean. Whatever your challenge, be ready for it with an Amazfit smartwatch from Abt.

Go Further: Battery, Weather Resistance & More

If you've been searching for weather-resistant watches, not all intelligent wristwear can manage it. Some Amazfit gear can push through tough conditions like outrageously cold nights, with temperatures that dip below -40°C. Or hot days where they soar above 70°C. It all depends on where you're going and what you're doing— and bring the right wearable technology for all of it. Some models are even built with resistance to shock, ice, salt, water and several meters of water pressure. Choose between sport loop bands, rugged-looking pieces and classic smartwatches to find the perfect pick for your life.

Go even further (literally) with longer battery life. Competitor models need to be placed on the charger every 24 hours or even less. If you're on the hunt for health-tracking fitness wear that can outlast, look at Amazfit's collection. Turn off GPS usage to see just how long yours can last, with typical to heavy usage versions lasting as long as 24 days.

Fitness Tracking & Zepp OS

When it comes to finding a workout buddy, there's nothing better than an Amazfit fitness tracker tailored to meet your needs. Pick the one that's best for you and how you track your workouts as well as what fitness equipment you use. Swimmers should obviously look for water-resistant screens, but think about what kind of metrics you're interested in keeping tabs on. Actually, Amazfit already has. Watch peak oxygen levels, recovery time, training load and more. Even monitor heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation and stress level whether you're sprinting, at work or getting ready for bed. You can log it all and analyze it, too, with help from Zepp OS.

Zepp OS is the operating system onboard these smartwatches that makes them easy to use. Connect to the Zepp App on your phone to dive into all the health and wellness data your watch collects. Even purchase new digital faces and manage your device from here. When you connect your tech to your smartphone, you'll be able to see notifications on your wrist, too. With some models, you'll be able to see text and call notifications, as well as control music via Bluetooth. Check the weather, see reminders, and do it all from your Amazfit watch.

If you're not sure that the Zepp OS and Amazfit watches are the right choice for your fitness routine, you've got more options close at hand. Check out our collection of wristwear online, or speak to our team of experts to find the model that's perfect for you. Call us at 800-860-3577 to learn more, or head to our fitness tracker buying guide to learn more on your own.

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