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AVPro Edge: AV Distribution Made Easy

AVPro Edge was created with a faraway goal in mind: to provide full-bandwidth audio and video distribution, no matter the situation. For most, that bandwidth is needed for traditional recreational audio and video needs throughout a home. Switch between multiple HDMI cables and stereo setups with ease, or have multiple going at once: swap between video game consoles, cable TV, streaming, music services and more, lightning-fast. The goal with AVPro Edge has always been to keep your content and entertainment, whether it's audio, video or both, looking or sounding crystal clear with help from high-quality HDMI cables.

AV Over IP And Beyond

AVPro Edge is famed for its AV over IP ecosystem, a video distribution system that works to pass high-fidelity HDMI information from source to destination at scale. That might mean you're broadcasting a family movie to different TVs across the house and enjoying it together from different rooms. Once fully installed, the AV over IP solution creates a network all across the home, connecting and supporting as many systems as users want. Switching is easy, quick and supports the next generation of video, complete with 4K streaming, HDR and dynamic format changes. Before building out your system, consider how many AVPro sources (or encoder) units you'll need, as well as how many displays (or decoder) units your space will need as well. How many 4K televisions will you need to connect, as well as home theater projectors and powerful speakers? Your goal may be to ensure that everyone who settles in to watch a movie can see it from the basement theater to the living room's wet bar— AVPro Edge's AV over IP setup is the solution.

Audio Throughout the Home

While full video transferral is one of the most popular uses for AVPro Edge products, audiophiles will be just as excited to hear their music in high-fidelity, all throughout their space. Whether you live in a multi-story home and are setting up your dream speaker system or are looking for a solution for your small business, these audio-sharing devices make for simple switching. Play music across multiple speakers, or switch between modern turntables, MP3 players, streaming services and more. There's even a stereo port on many products that's perfect for listening to older tunes in stereo. Whatever your source, AVPro edge will help you push sound all around your space. That's the perfect solution for any party, from family gatherings to poolside afternoons to midnight karaoke gatherings.

Looking for Extra Audio-Video Help?

Whether you're looking for a whole home AV solution or are just starting to explore all of the options available, different components, wires and audio electronics can seem hard to manage. Hoping to make it easier? Talk to the experts at Abt. Our team of problem-solvers has been helping people to find the right electronics for their homes for decades, and we're ready to help you find yours. Give us a call at 800-860-3577 to learn more, or head into the store to learn more in person.