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AudioControl car audio at Abt

Making Good Sound Great

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AudioControl: High-Powered Sound for Cars

It's time to level up. Instead of listening to music through your phone's tinny speakers or your hand-me-down car's ancient radio, refine your sound system with products from AudioControl. These makers of all things sonic focus most of their energy on home sound systems and car stereos. Equip your space with their speakers, amplifiers, processors and accessories to keep your music on hand no matter where the day takes you. Plan playlists and update your CD collection ahead of time—you're going to hear all your favorites in an entirely new way as you travel.

Why Upgrade Your Car's Sound System?

Choosing to supe up your car's stereo system isn't always an obvious decision. In fact, many folks rolling around town with modified bass started out on the fence. But once you hear the difference, you'll never go back. You can feel each beat fall as you chase the open road, sink into familiar acoustic melodies, and be surprised by background elements that you've never noticed before.

Mechanically, you'll want to upgrade your stereo system with AudioControl gear because stereos made in car factories just don't measure up in modern vehicles (and even in older ones). And no boost in volume is going to help you get past poor quality—if you're unsatisfied with your sonic experience, your problem most likely isn't volume. You may be searching for extra bass from blown-out equipment or a cleaner sound altogether. Instead of fiddling with the bass and treble levels on your auto's radio, look for more customizable processors to give you the sound you crave from AudioControl.

Go Beyond Customization

If this is your first time broaching the world of automobile upgrades, you don't have to go it alone. Instead, make sure you're backed by the best installers in Chicagoland: us. Our mobile installation team knows everything about cars (and boats) and can help install your sonic enhancements properly. The mobile audio experts at Abt are MECP-certified and have been ranked as some of the best in the nation by Mobile Electronics Magazine. That means we know all about the wires, tubes, and plugs that hide beneath your dashboard, and are ready to fit your auto with new gear from AudioControl. With a bit of tinkering and a stint in our garage, you and your car will be hitting the highway with a new system that's customized to meet your needs.

Need Help Picking Out Equipment?

If you know that your ride needs some sound upgrades but aren't sure which AudioControl pieces are best for your music-based needs, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We'll be able to go in-depth with you on topics like amplifiers and converters, giving your bass a boost and smoothing out those acoustics. We recommend you do a bit of homework ahead of time as well with our Car Amplifier Buying Guide. This short article breaks down the different varieties and how they work, itemizing details like channels and power ratings. Then have a chat with our installation team about what's best for your vehicle, whether it's a coupe, an SUV, an RV, or an ATV.