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Leon Speakers: Professional Sound from Artists, Not Machines

Leon Speakers

If you came upon the headquarters for Leon Speakers, Inc, you'd be struck by a few things that make them different from other audio pros. The massive black-and-white lion mural painted on the side of the building snarls down at approaching audiophiles and passersby. Beside the regal beast (the self-described “spirit animal" of the company), a 1967 Airstream waits in all its shiny silver glory. This mobile audio studio goes on the road with the company when they're ready to show off their handmade audio equipment in person, and it's peppered with black-and-white photos, artwork, and pottery. Doesn't really sound like a place that churns out electrical hardware, right? That's because Leon isn't a factory, it's an artist's loft. These music-lovers do more than just design speakers. The professionals at Leon are true artists who try to infuse each of their custom-made Leon speakers with their own culture, music, and life.

In-House & Handmade

From the initial spark of innovation to custom-tailored Leon speakers and soundbars, every step of the design process is taken care of in-house in Ann Arbor, MI. And with a collection that ranges from outdoor audio to frames that integrate high-tech speakers into the home, the craftsmen that make these products are always on their toes. The experts behind the desks (and behind the woodworking) at Leon speakers know that some of the audio technology in today's marketplace just doesn't look like it used to, with warm wood-covered boxing and stretched fabric grills. That's why they made the customizable Tonecase FIT for Sonos. These hardwood cases surround gear like wireless soundbars in custom hardwood designs. Walnut, oak, and other wood frames fit your technology without disrupting audio delivery, giving your gear a classic design that would look right at home in that 1967 Airstream. Each case is made with hand-crafted components that are carefully designed. By the time your Leon speakers or accessories get to you, they've already been tested by multiple Leon craftsmen for consistency in sound.

Long-Lasting Technology

While the folks at Leon have been making audio devices for over 25 years, they hope their tech lasts for longer. The office is filled with drums, radios, and projectors that date back to 100 years ago, and hope that their own sound systems can last a lifetime, too. And with a little help from Abt, any issues can be resolved with the help of their manufacturer's warranty. It lasts a full year, giving you time to get used to your new Leon speakers—whether they're set into the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or on your outdoor patio. Learn more about the audio technology you need with our beginner Speaker Buying Guide, or give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. We'll find the technology that's best for you, whether you're a musician, movie buff, gamer, or artist. Come experience sonic technology from true artists at Abt.