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The Best Wi-Fi Speakers of 2024

Check out Abt's picks for the best Wi-Fi speakers of 2024. Whether you need portable audio solutions or superior sound for your parties, one of these high-quality speakers could be your new musical companion.
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Start Shopping The Best Wi-Fi Speakers of 2024

If you're looking to enhance your home audio for every party and get-together, Abt's best Wi-Fi speakers of 2024 can act as your ultimate resource. Whatever factors matter most to you, whether it's budget, portability, Bluetooth capability or sound quality, we're sure to have an ideal speaker model fit to your lifestyle. Keep reading to see our picks for the best Wi-Fi speakers of 2024. One of these wireless home speakers could catch your eye and find its way to the top of your Abt wishlist.

Best Budget-Friendly Non-Portable Wi-Fi Speaker

5 out of 5 stars
Contains 1 Reviews
Your Price: $99.00
Color: White
One of the best Wi-Fi speakers we carry that's easier on your wallet is the Apple HomePod Mini. While this speaker isn't portable, it's extremely accessible as the price tag is under $100. Even so, this device does not compromise on sound quality whatsoever. The dual force-cancelling passive radiators and full-range driver create the crispest high frequencies and deepest bass. On top of that, an acoustic waveguide provides the most immersive, 360-degree sound so you can pump up the jam wherever you are. If you're already listening to something on your iPhone, just bring your smartphone close to the HomePod Mini and the music will automatically transfer. Take advantage of easy touch controls to adjust your music as well, tapping to play, pause, skip and go back. Outside of playing music, this speaker can also integrate with the Home app so you can control and adjust your HomeKit accessories from this device. HomeKit accessories are Apple smart home products that can range anywhere from air conditioners to faucets to locks. Want to do it all hands-free? The four built-in microphones can capture your voice so you can rely on Apple's virtual assistant, Siri. Siri can give you information about weather and traffic, let you set timers, alarms and reminders and answer messages and phone calls.

Best Budget-Friendly Portable Wi-Fi Speaker

4 out of 5 stars
Contains 1274 Reviews
Your Price: $179.00
Color: Black
The Sonos Roam Lunar Black Smart Speaker is next on our list of best Wi-Fi speakers. This device is budget-friendly, just like our first recommendation, but a better option if portability is important to you. This product is versatile, as it acts as a Wi-Fi speaker and a Bluetooth speaker. Pick between the two to stream music as you'd like. This Sonos device features precision-engineered acoustics and delivers detailed, rich sound that can fill any room. In fact, the automatic Trueplay™ tuning will sense both the type of content you're listening to and the speaker location to optimize the sound every time you press play. With just a single charge, this speaker can perform for up to 10 hours continuously and you can even expect hands-free functionality by giving Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice commands. Want to take the Sonos Roam to your upcoming pool party? That won't be a problem as this model is durably constructed, drop resistant and waterproof in up to three feet for 30 minutes. Altogether, this speaker is a great, high-quality choice for listening on the go when your spending is limited.

Best Wi-Fi Speaker with Premium Sound

5 out of 5 stars
Contains 31 Reviews
Your Price: $449.00
Looking for a portable speaker that's both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable but don't care about price? You may be the kind of audiophile who treasures luxury audio far more than your budget. If that's the case, next on our list of best Wi-Fi speakers is the JBL Speaker Authentics 300 Portable Wireless Smart Home speaker. This device provides stereo sound for any home, as the one-inch tweeters enhance small details while the down-firing passive radiator and full-range woofer produce deep, powerful bass. No matter what you're listening to, you can expect perfectly balanced audio. Take the speaker anywhere you want to, thanks to the easy carrying handle, and the speaker will automatically optimize each audio performance to fit your unique location and environment. If you're still looking to customize this audio further, you can use the intuitive controls on the device to adjust bass, treble and volume levels or download the JBL One app to access even more EQ settings. On top of these benefits, the JBL Speaker Authentics 300 also offers eight hours of playtime and hands-free controls via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Our Best-Selling Portable Wi-Fi Speaker

While there are plenty of "best Wi-Fi speakers" we could recommend, sometimes you should take a tip or two from our loyal Abt customers. The Sonos Move 2 is one of our top best sellers in the portable Wi-Fi speaker category. Its upgraded acoustic architecture features two tweeters to create a higher-fidelity soundstage. The precision-tuned woofer, powered by advanced digital signal processing, also creates cleaner, more dynamic bass. Both the detailed instruments and crisp vocals are precisely pushed through the left and right channels simultaneously for a more encapsulating sound performance. The Move 2 also has built-in microphones that use automatic Trueplay tuning to analyze the acoustic qualities of your environment so it can properly optimize the sound. Controlling the speaker is a versatile experience too, as it offers four different methods: intuitive touch controls, the Sonos app, the built-in virtual assistant or connecting to your Amazon Alexa. This device is more efficient than the previous generation, offering 24 hours of playback after just one charge. Feel free to take it anywhere, as it features a built-in handle and has an ultra-durable design. Along with the shock-absorbent materials that protect the device from breaking after accidental drops, it's also constructed to handle sun, spills, rain, splashes, humidity and dirt.

Best Outdoor Wi-Fi Speaker

4.5 out of 5 stars
Contains 367 Reviews
Your Price: $399.00
Color: Black
While plenty of our best Wi-Fi speakers have characteristics that make them safe to take outside, the best Wi-Fi speaker at Abt that is designed for both indoor and outdoor use specifically is the Bose Triple Black Portable Home Speaker. This speaker has an extremely durable water-resistant design that you can take to the park, the pool and plenty of other locations for music listening around the clock. Because the speaker wraps around the whole device, you can also enjoy spacious 360 surround sound, providing a more immersive experience for all. Your audio will also be clear and lifelike with deep and powerful bass. While the top of the speaker has touch controls, you can also take advantage of the built-in Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free voice controls. Thanks to the powerful battery that supports 12-hour playback on a single charge, you can take your Bose speaker along on every adventure for all-day listening.

Best High-End Wi-Fi Speaker

5 out of 5 stars
Contains 6 Reviews
Your Price: $1,699.95
While we've provided a recommendation for premium sound, we know some customers are seeking the best Wi-Fi speakers with premium everything. Our pick, in this case, is the JBL PartyBox Ultimate Bluetooth Party Speaker. This larger speaker can cover up to two basketball courts with its powerful JBL Pro Sound, using either a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. While the Dolby Atmos technology adds 3D spatial effects to your music for more immersive listening, the subwoofers and dual tweeters will produce an impressive amount of bass. You can also count on the JBL PartyBox Ultimate to automatically optimize each song or album to your unique surroundings so your music sounds amazing at every destination. Once you press play, people are bound to get on their feet and get the party started, thanks to the full sensory, multi-dimensional light show your speaker puts on, completely synced to the beat of each song. Prefer live music? This JBL speaker could still be a perfect investment for you, as it features guitar and dual mic inputs so you can put on the karaoke performance of a lifetime.

Continue Discovering The Best Wi-Fi Speakers at Abt

This is just a small glimpse into the variety of Wi-Fi speakers we have available here at Abt. The products chosen for our best Wi-Fi speakers of 2024 are designed to take your listening to the next level in any environment with any budget. Not sure which of these six options is best for your favorite playlists? Start exploring our wireless speakers buying guide, which will discuss all of the most important sound quality factors to look at as you shop our selection. If you're still curious about the speakers that made the cut for our 2024 picks, get more information from the audiophiles at Abt at 800-860-3577.