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Digital Camera Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a Digital Camera.
Beginners Guide To Choosing A Camera
Beginners Guide To Choosing A Camera Video Beginners Guide To Choosing A Camera Video
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Beginners Guide To Choosing A Camera

Getting Started

Looking for instant, high-quality photos you can easily share with friends and family? A digital camera, paired with image manipulation software, an inexpensive color printer, and a personal Web site can deliver astonishingly good results and hugely boost your love for photography.
Digital cameras make photography easy and fun. They are as simple to use as traditional point-and-shoots, but have added features such as exposure adjustment, special effects, video recording capabilities, and clear, bright LCD screens that let you preview your picture before you take it and let you see it at your disposal.
Camera Buying Guide: Which Style Is Right For You


With a digital camera you can take unlimited pictures and not worry about running out of film--just download your photos to a computer, and your camera's memory is free again. Improvements in digital storage allow you to take up to 1000 pictures on certain memory cards. In addition, you never have to pay for film processing, and you get your photos immediately, instead of having to wait for the prints to be developed. You can e-mail photos to friends, print them out on photo paper or stickers, or post them on the Web, all without hassling with photo labs or scanners.
When shopping for a digital camera, start by identifying your needs. Do you want to take pictures of friends, family and landscapes? Will you be using the camera for professional graphics work? Are you going to be editing your pictures? Do you ever plan on printing your photos? Knowing what kind of photos you'll be taking most often will help you decide what resolution, storage type, power source, and other amenities you'll need.


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Camera Lenses: What To Look For