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How Does a Washer Dryer Combo Work? Hero Image

How Does a Washer Dryer Combo Work?

From vented and ventless styles, learn the advantages of these handy home appliances.

Getting Started

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All-in-one washer dryer combinations offer many advantages. They're perfect for making the most out of small spaces, without taking up the space of two separate units. And they offer the convenience of quick loads in one uninterrupted cycle, meaning homeowners don't have to remember or take time to transfer wet clothes to the dryer.
So how exactly does a washer dryer combo work? Whether vented or ventless, read on to discover how these appliances operate and unfold their advantages and drawbacks to decide if it's right for you.

The Two Types of Washer Dryer Combos

Front view of a washer dryer combo
As much as a standard washer-dryer unit, washer dryer combos—whether vented or ventless units—provide many options for homeowners. They offer the ability to wash and dry loads in one single process. But they also allow you to set "wash only" or "dry only" cycles.
Now, if you're wondering the differences between a vented or ventless, here are how they operate:

Vented Washer Dryer Combos

Vented washer dryer combos essentially work the same as a standard front-load washer and regular dryer. Its wash cycle can tumble and clean clothes with laundry detergent and then follow with a spin cycle to remove excess water.
For the drying system, the appliance then takes the room's air and uses it to heat and dry the load of laundry. The steam this process creates can escape through a vent. This works similar to standard dryers.

Ventless Washer Dryer Combos

Ventless washer dryer combos, however, do not require an exhaust. Instead, wet laundry begins in a plastic or metal drum, used as a condensing chamber, that is then heated. As this drum spins, the clothes create steam, much the same way any dryer does.
But with a ventless system, there is one main difference. The moisture is then circulated back through the condensing chamber to create condensation that is eventually drained, allowing the hot air to recirculate itself again.

The Advantages of Washer Dryer Combos

Person adjusting controls of a washer dryer combo
Washer dryer combos come in quite handy and have many advantages over the standard choice of a separate set of a washer and dryer we have all known. Here are just a few of their benefits to consider and help you decide if this appliance could be for your home lifestyle.
Saves space—Due to their combined design, washer dryer combos obviously offer a space-saving advantage. This makes them ideal for smaller homes and apartments. Most washer dryer combos are no larger than a dishwasher, allowing homeowners to slip it beneath a countertop to free up square footage space in a laundry room or even a kitchen.
Cuts down time—With settings that allow homeowners to consecutively wash and dry a load of laundry, it eliminates the need for you to switch it over. And since some entirely forget to transition wet laundry to the dryer, resulting in musty smelling clothes, this also reduces the need for a second wash.
Energy-efficient design—The washer feature works similar to a front-loading washer, which uses less water than their top-loading counterparts. Because of this, washer dryer combos require less energy to heat the water. As front-loaders, they also spin faster, creating drier clothes that require less drying time, therefore energy.

The Disadvantage of Washer Dryer Combos

While there are a number of advantages of washer dryer combos, there are a few disadvantages and drawbacks homeowners need to consider before making a purchase.
Smaller capacity—Due to their compact size, washer dryer combos are meant to take on smaller load sizes. The average maximum load size is between six and 10 pounds.
Longer cycle times—Another disadvantage is that homeowners can't streamline their laundry process. In other words, you have to wait for the washer dryer combo to complete its full cycle, which takes two to three hours, whereas with separate washer and dryer sets, you can begin the next load while the first is drying.
Each homeowner manages their home and chores differently. Decide if a washer dryer combo is a smart choice for your lifestyle. If all signs point to yes, Abt offers several major appliance brands that specialize in washer dryer combos, such as LG and Haier for you to explore.