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Bosch Microwaves

Bosch Microwave

Long considered heroes (or villains) of the kitchen, microwaves are made new again by Bosch's tasteful style and ultramodern design. Their brushed stainless steel and dark glass look astonishing in nearly any kitchen, and can fit in nearly any space, too. The Bosch microwave team knows that countertop space is precious in the modern home, and that's why they only design versions for above the range or in the wall/kitchen island. Discover the Bosch microwave that's best for your home at Abt.

Under-Counter or Over the Range?

If you're not sure about the features you want in an appliance, you might still have some idea of where your new appliance will fit best. For example, A kitchen with lots of open wall space but little countertop area is perfect for a built-in model. The built-in look gives any kitchen an upscale look, and drop down to open the same way a classical oven does. A model with a trim kit takes it a step further, giving your device a shining frame. These align perfectly with an oven from the same company, giving your home a seamless look. If you need your Bosch microwave to multitask, an over the range version might be for you. These appliances manage all the heavy duties of a microwave along with those of a range hood. Filtering grease, smoke, and steam with ease, these classic appliances know how to handle meal making. It's easy to use the oven, stovetop, micro-hood and filter all at the same time (and you may need to on family dinner nights or when you're meal prepping for the coming week. Keep in mind that these devices are best for use over a traditional 30-inch range or cooktop. A larger stove would need a true range hood.

A Multifunctional Meal Maker

Gone are the days of throwing a bowl in the micro-blaster and pressing the "one minute more" button until a dish is done. Even if you do opt for a Bosch microwave with a quick minute button, these appliances are equipped with new technology that makes them nearly as effective as a traditional oven. Some are even equipped with convection heating just like a true oven. Convection capabilities allow you to roast and bake foods, instead of just heating them as per usual. Brown chicken, roast veggies, and even bake pies in your Bosch microwave. Plus, multiple racks allow you to cook more than one dish at once without the gymnastics of stacking paper plates on top of bowls. Even if your appliance can do jumping jacks around your kitchen, there is no true replacement for an oven. Keep an eye out for combination ovens that contain the best of both.

Bosch Microwave Service

If you're still not sure that a Bosch microwave is for your home, check out our microwave buying guide and discover what's for you--and what's not. For a little more personal help, give us a call at 800-860-3577 or swing by the store to talk to an expert. We'll try our best to help you find the right option for your home, and that you'll love years down the line.

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