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Denon Turntables

Denon has spent more than 100 years transforming their passion for audio into dependable devices capable of impressive sound quality. Denon record players embody the company's passion, offering a variety of features that help them to stand out from other entry-level options. Plus, Denon turntable prices make them a perfect choice for anyone new to the medium as well as those looking for an inexpensive way to digitize their record collection.

To keep things simple for their users, Denon focuses on fully and semi-automatic turntables. Fully automatic models lower their tonearm onto the record at the push of a button. When the cartridge finds its way to the end of the record, it automatically returns to its resting position to avoid damaging the record. For those who enjoy putting the needle to the groove themselves, semi-automatic models are a better choice. The tonearm of these models still lifts itself at the end of the record but lets you relish the pleasure of delicately lowering the arm to get the music started.

Denon turntables include built-in phono equalizers to connect the player to integrated amps or receivers without a phono input. This makes them especially well suited as add-ons to existing systems without the need for costly additional equipment. To make things even easier, some models feature a removable headshell, making cartridge replacement simple. One such model, the DP-300F, also features a heavier base construction to cut down on vibrations that might otherwise distort playback.

Whichever Denon record player speaks to you, make sure to care for it properly to extend its life. If you need help deciding which model best fulfills your needs, touch base with our Custom Audio and Video Department at 847.544.2307 or [email protected]. They can answer any questions you may have and suggest specific models based on your needs and budget. Otherwise, order from our above selection of Denon turntables today and get your records ready!

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