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Knife Sharpeners

Stay on the cutting edge-- well, at least make sure your kitchen knives do-- with a Knife Sharpener from Abt. Our EdgeCraft and Wusthof models can be used for straight or serrated knives and have great features like micro and fine cutting bevels and a polished bevel edge.
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  • Edgecraft - 0101500 - Knife Sharpeners Edgecraft - 0101500 - Knife Sharpeners
    Abt Model: 0101500
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    Trizor Edge/ Ultra-Sharp 15ºXV Technology/ Advanced, Patented Flexible Spring Guides/ 3-Stage EdgeSelect/ 100% Diamonds And Advanced Stropping Stage/ For Sharpening Both Straight Edge And Serrated Blades/ Brushed Metal Finish
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    5 out of 5 stars
    Contains 3 Reviews
    Your Price: $179.99
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Knife Sharpeners

Few things make meal prep easier than a good sharp blade. Professional chefs know the value of keeping knives sharp and amateur chefs would be wise to learn. Sharp blades make it easy to slice through tomatoes and green peppers, cut meat cutlets and de-bone chickens, and dice onions and mince garlic. Keeping blades honed and always ready has advantages and Abt has electric and manual sharpeners available at a range of prices. We also have accessories such as cutting boards and in-drawer storage trays.

Are Knife Sharpeners Worth It?

Easy cutting, slicing, and dicing — those aren't the only reasons to keep blades at their sharpest, there are safety reasons as well. Dull blades need more pressure to make a cut, but a sharp one won't slide off the surface of fruits or vegetables. A sharp knife bites into the surface easily reducing the chance of slipping and accidentally cutting a finger.

If you've invested money in a quality cutlery set it only makes sense to take care of them. After all, you use them every day to prepare meals for your family and on those special holiday occasions.

What type of knives can you use knife sharpeners with?

Look for a model that sharpens both fine and serrated edge blades and one with different sharpening stages such as honing/polishing, steeling, and single-sided.

Keep Your Edge

A model like the EdgeCraft 0101500 Chef's Choice Trizor XV is strong and durable and creates an extra sharp edge for both serrated and fine edge blades. It uses 15-degree XV EdgeSelect® technology to convert 20-degree class knives into high-performance utensils. It features spring guides to give you total control of the sharpening angle. It's perfect for thick or thin blades.

With an attractive brushed metal finish and 100 percent diamond abrasives this model offers three stages and only takes a minute for a first-time sharpening and about 10 second to hone them after that.

Hone knives with various edge types including:

  • Double-Bevel
  • 15 Degree Edge
  • Single-Sided
  • Serrated

Handheld models like the Wusthof Classic IKON are a popular type. A honing steel also helps keep blades from losing their edge. Made from alloy tool steel, these blades are a quick and easy way to hone a blade.

The Wustoff Easy Edge Electric model is a belt-driven appliance that uses Precision Edge Technology with three speeds plus an internal vacuum to take care of those small bits of metal debris you can't even see. Of course, some cooks prefer a sharpening stone to home their utensils. These fine-grit stones restore edges in no time.

Get a Knife Sharpener from Abt Today!

With a sharp cutlery set, you'll be ready to create culinary masterpieces in your home kitchen. To learn more about knife sharpeners and what accessories we have available, give an Abt kitchen expert a call today at 800-860-3577. You can also learn more about knives by reading our cutlery buying guide.

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    Always a good experience with delivery from ABT. Friendly experienced delivery and just what we needed. Highly recommend ABT.
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