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LG Refrigerators

LG Refrigerators: Style that's both Fresh and Smart

Keep food tasting fresh for longer with a new generation of technology from LG refrigerators. Stainless steel exteriors with smart technology come customized to fit your individual kitchen. Whether you're creating a counter-depth appliance hub that's flush with the wall or you're in search of the newest technology for your kitchen, find exactly what you need inside and outside your refrigerator.

Cold, Coldest. Smart, Smartest.

For a new depth of functionality from one of the kitchen's most pivotal appliances, choose an LG refrigerator with Wi-Fi technology. These are controllable from any smartphone, and fit any busy lifestyle. Features like temperature control and vacation mode allow users to ensure their LG fridge is always connected, and can be updated on-the-go. Meanwhile, it's easy to see if you're out of eggs or milk thanks to models equipped with interior cameras. Check the app to see what you're out of, and never miss a grocery trip or have to double back to the store. Once you're at home, doors equipped with LG's InstaView technology give you a look at the inside of the fridge--from outside. These windows make it easy to check on what's within without even opening the doors, keeping grabbable snacks and drinks in view.

Life of the Party: LG Fridges for Entertaining

Party throwers and entertainers know that refrigerator and freezer space is always in high demand. LG's refrigerators are designed to maximize space, with models that have a capacity of up to 26 cubic feet. Say goodbye to bagged ice. These freezers are made to stock ice quickly to keep the party going. Wine fans can keep their bottles out of the freezer too, thanks to LG's "cellar-style" wine refrigerators. These are designed to keep each bottle at its perfect temperature for a formal dinner, movie night, and every occasion in between.

Shape and Style

New technology means new designs, with concepts made for the contemporary home. Sleek modern finishes and brushed stainless steel help to brighten any kitchen. Counter depth (sometimes called built in refrigerators) align flat with nearby cabinetry and countertops for a sleek, uniform profile that nearly disappears. For a truly modern style, some appliances come in a dark finish for a stunning stainless steel black refrigerator. Many of Abt's LG refrigerators are designed with messes in mind, with easy-to-clean surfaces that are fingerprint-resistant. Profile and door configuration make each model unique. These refrigerators are designed with freezers at the top, bottom, or side by side, like in beloved French door refrigerator models. The setup of your kitchen is crucial here: it's important to consider your room's flow, the amount of room you have, and where other appliances are. For help choosing the freezer that's best for your kitchen, check out our refrigerator buying and sizing guide. Having a hard time finding room in the freezer? Frozen fanatics hoping to stock up on their favorite treats and meats can learn all about the freezer that fits their lifestyle with our freezer buying guide.

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