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Traeger Grill Covers and Insulation Blankets

Your beloved Traeger grill has been by your side for countless delicious meals. It's your reliable companion whether you're just grilling burgers for your family or hosting an outdoor dinner party. Traeger grill covers and insulation blankets are designed to prolong the life of your grill, keeping it looking and working like it did the day you bought it. Traeger grill covers are available for multiple models including Ironwood, Timberline, or PRO grills. Offering different covers for different grills ensures a custom fit for your grill, which offers superior protection. Covering your grill after each use is essential to maintaining its finish and keeping it clean, both of which contribute to your grill's form and function. Weather and the elements are probably the most constant threat to your pellet grill. Moisture from rain or snow is especially harmful for pellet grills because wood pellets shouldn't get wet inside the grill. Wet wood pellets expand and can clog the auger. They also won't light and produce smoke so you won't be able to use your grill. Traeger grill covers will protect your grill's pellet hopper and keep wood pellets dry and flavorful. Their full-coverage design covers every nook and cranny of your grill save for the casters, which allows you to easily move your Traeger grill around the yard or stow it in your garage or shed in the off-season.

In general, constant exposure to rain, snow, or extreme sunlight and heat shorten your grill's lifespan. Rain and snow lead to rust and scorching sunlight is drying, leaving grill components brittle and prone to cracking. Traeger grill covers feature an all-weather, water-resistant design that can hold up to any weather condition. Covers also shield your outdoor grill from dust and dirt that necessitate constant cleaning and can collect in crevices on your grill, contaminating your cooking surface. These covers are much easier to clean than a grill as you can simply wipe them down with a damp paper towel and dry to remove any debris. However, weather isn't the only threat to your grill. Delicious aromas from your grill will attract insects and animals looking for something to eat. When properly covered, these critters won't be able to feast on any food residue left behind. It becomes especially important to cover your grill in colder months as animals will be looking for a cozy place to nest. Covering your grill prevents them from getting inside and causing potentially irreparable damage to your pellet grill. Traeger makes covers that are for more than just protection, though. Traeger grill blankets are a must-have grill cover for the all-season griller. These insulated blankets are designed to be worn while your grill is in use. During the colder months, your grill has to work much harder to maintain the proper cooking temperature. These insulated blankets help your grill keep a consistent temperature, which in turn makes your grill work more efficiently and thus saves you pellets. Please note that you should not use a Traeger grill blanket when the cooking temperature exceeds 350°F. Be sure to add other Traeger accessories to your setup to get the most out of your grill.

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