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Traeger Outdoor Grills

Traeger BBQ Grills: Innovation Made Original

While some barbecue aficionados can claim fame with gear like smart thermometers and shining stainless steel exteriors, the engineers at Traeger BBQ know what really matters: flavor. You can deck your gas grill out in all the smart technology you can find, but if the flavor's not there, you may as well cook inside at the stove. Instead of settling for less-than-flavorful food, level up your smoking game with Traeger BBQ grills. The creators of the first wood pellet grill ever, these flavor masters have had their finger on the pulse of what the barbecue world wants since they created their first prototype back in 1986 in the small town of Mt. Angel, Oregon. With more than 30 years of experience fine-tuning the process of burning flavorful fuel, these experts know what folks want in a backyard cooker. Discover the Traeger BBQ that's best for you at Abt.

One Flavorful Concept

Instead of burning charcoal or lighting gas burners beneath grates, these wood-fired smokers combust hardwood pellets to create heat and smoke. These hardwood pellets bring a level of flavor unattainable by traditional fuel methods alone. Burn hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry, or pecan fuel here to infuse your proteins with exciting aromas. Unlike turning a knob on a gas barbecue, using a Traeger BBQ calls for a little bit of forethought. Barbecuers get to choose which pellets to pair with their proteins—think sweet apple and cherry woods for foods like pork and poultry, while heavier smoke flavors like hickory and mesquite demand to be used on ribs and brisket. Mix and match aromatic profiles with your favorite dishes to infuse your recipes with new life.

How It Works

When flipping burgers over charcoal, you can actually see every step of the flaming process: light the tinder, the briquettes catch fire, and you've got a high-heat fuel source. When it comes to Traeger BBQs, things are a little more behind-the-scenes. These smokers are designed with coverage in mind to keep that savory smoke inside. The process of transforming compressed wood pellets into high-heat smoke is almost like a factory construction line. As you load pellets into the Traeger BBQ grill's high-capacity hopper, the internal auger starts to whisk your fuel away towards the grill's center. Here, the pellets are lit and burned, then the high-heat smoke is circulated throughout the enclosed smoking space. Thanks to this variable fan and the flexible auger speed, it's easy to control just how hot your Traeger BBQ can get. Precise temperature monitoring and backyard smoking don't often go hand-in-hand, but these cookers are equipped with digital or analog heat control. Newer cookers like the Pro, Ironwood and Timberline models are even equipped with WiFIRE® technology. This smart functionality allows you to connect to your smoker through an app or virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. That way, you can cook low and slow while keeping control of your backyard barbecue—all while lounging on the couch inside. For more information on how these cookers work, check out our guide to Wood Pellet Grills. For more information on which of these backyard cookers is best for your lifestyle, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to see these products in person.

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