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Weber Built-In Grills

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Built-In Grills from Weber

Weber is often associated with their most popular American backyard device: the circular kettle charcoal smoker. And while they've led the way forward in smoking meats, veggies, and all kinds of eats since the '50s, it can be hard to associate Weber grills with anything but that circular lidded grill. But since they made their first grill in 1952, grill masters and innovators have been striving to bring new and more convenient technologies to the backyard. That's where their built-in grills come into the picture. If not for the logo on the lid, it might be hard to believe that these barbecues are made by the same folks. With shining stainless steel installed right into an outdoor countertop, they hardly look the same. But once you sink your teeth into foods made on these cookers, you'll fall in love with Weber grills all over again.

Seamless Style

So, what is a built-in grill anyway? If you're a fan of the original kettle grill or portable grills, this might look a bit foreign. Built-in grills are adjusted to fit right into your outdoor island and cabinetry, meaning these cookers give your backyard the feel of an outdoor kitchen. While these cookers don't come with countertops installed, the idea is for you to customize your look to meet your household's needs. Check out our article on 16 Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Accessories and Appliances, and start designing your starter outdoor kitchen to fit your home. Complement your grill with an outdoor refrigerator or a power burner to keep all of your food prep out of the house, and in your outdoor kitchen instead. That way, you'll keep running back and forth between the yard and the house to a minimum.

Liquid Propane or Natural Gas

These Weber built-in grills are shiny and stylish, it's true, but they're designed for one thing: grilling. And the experts at Weber grills know that barbecue masters all have different opinions when it comes to optimal grilling fuels; that's why they made these built-in models in natural gas or liquid propane gas versions. While both can reach high temperatures over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, liquid propane models require fuel replacement regularly, while natural gas variants need a gas line installed to run.

No matter what fuel type you choose, your BBQ is ready to go with multiple burners and stainless steel flavor bars below the griddle. These flavor infused bars move grease away from burners, keeping flare-ups down and helping to reflect that smoky flavor up at the foods you're grilling. While most people use their grills primarily for searing filets and flipping patties, many of these built-in models come with infrared rotisseries. Baste birds, spit roasts, or cook other large meats here for mouthwatering bites.

Service, Built Right In

If you're not sure that a built-in Weber grill is for you, it might be time to do a little research. Check out our outdoor grill buying guide. Here, our experts analyze all the pros and cons of different types of cookers, from their fuel types to sizing and construction materials. For more personalized tips, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our experts are well-versed in the art of searing foods and can help you find the right model for your home. Alternatively, swing by the store to get a look at some of our smokers in person.

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