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The Great American Barbecue

Picture a late summer afternoon. The kids are in the yard, the sunshine is warming your face, and there's food sizzling on the grill. If your ideal setting contains one of these burger-cookers, there's a high probability that you're picturing a Weber charcoal grill. These dome-shaped cookers have been the iconic American smoker since their inception in 1952. That's when Weber's founder, George Stephen, created his first kettle cooker. Unsatisfied with the performance of traditional open-topped barbecuing, George started looking for new ways to cook burgers and steaks better. His eyes settled on the buoys produced at the metal factory where he worked, and inspiration struck. He chopped the circular buoy in half, added legs and a handle, and the first kettle grill was born. This idea of covered cooking has shaped modern barbecuing, and these charcoal-fueled cookers are still popular to this day. It's hard to beat their smoky flavor and ease of use. Check out some of the newest innovations involved in the modern Weber charcoal grill and smoker.

Charcoal Grill Weber: Kettle-Crazed

While these grillmasters of yore still produce that original kettle grill, they've found all kinds of ways to make summertime dinners easier to achieve. While they're incredibly easy to use and light, some folks share common gripes with this backyard icon, like "Where does the ash go once you're finished cooking?" and "This model comes with no prep space at all". In response, the Weber engineers have followed in George's footsteps, creating simple solutions that make outdoor cooking easier. Check the bottom of these modern kettle cookers, and you'll find your ash-removal system. This three-bladed one-touch manual fan helps dispose of charcoal ash left at the bottom of the device once your flames are out, spinning to let the ash fall from the kettle to the ash catcher below. There's no need to deep-clean your backyard buddy after every burger session or kabob-fest.

Regarding the lack of prep-space, Weber has created a new solution. No, that doesn't involve using your patio table to stash greasy tongs. Instead of the traditional three-legged structure, some of these models like the Performer come built into a grilling cart. These Performers are built with a tuck-away lid holder, a timer, a hinged lid, and (of course) an attached prep table. Stash seasonings, spatulas, and foods here when you're grilling, then fold the table away when you're finished cooking for the day.

Weber Smokers

If you prefer low-and-slow barbecuing to quick-flipping burgers, a Weber charcoal smoker may be the model for you. These water smokers take any graduation party or even a simple meal to the next level with three-in-one construction. An easy-to-read temperature display and adjustable air inputs allow you to keep your meats smoking right at the correct heat level. Create succulent ribs, smoky pork chops, brisket, and more. Get creative with your Weber charcoal grill and smoker, and learn how to make the most of low-and-slow smoking. And with a one-touch cleaning system for ash removal, you'll be able to head in for dinner—without coming back out to clean.

Charcoal-Smoked Service

Whether you spend your next sun-soaked afternoon cooking huge slabs of brisket or quick-seared steaks, make sure you've got the right Weber charcoal grill for your lifestyle. If you're not sure that charcoal is for you, check out our outdoor grill buying guide. Here, our in-store experts break down all the different fuel types and ways to cook, showing the benefits and disadvantages of each. Hoping for more personalized advice? Give us a call at 800-860-3577, and our grillmasters will help you find the best one for your lifestyle.

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