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Weber Grill Drip Pans: Aluminum Grease Collector

You've just turned off the grill, closed the lid, and you're ready to head over to the outdoor patio table with a platter loaded with steaks, burgers, and wings. You're about to dig in when you catch it out of the corner of your eye: your grill's drip tray, unlined. Leftover grease and fat are draining through the bottom of your barbecue to pool at the bottom of your device. Soon it will dry, thicken, and even rust (that is, if you don't clean it.)

Nothing should interrupt your post-barbecue bliss. That's why Weber grill drip pans are made to catch this grease before it becomes a problem. Simply place, cook, and remove from the drip tray when finished. Keeping your device clean can help prolong its life in the long run. That means you can keep cooking, no matter how greasy your eats are.

Aluminum Weber Grill Drip Pans: Grease Protection For All

While different models of Weber grills are designed to meet the needs of niche grillmasters everywhere, these pans can fit just about any Weber grill. The portable Q series, the Spirit, Summit, and Genesis gas grill, and the SmokeFire wood pellet grill can all be outfitted with these trays. The simple shape and heavy-duty aluminum construction make this disposable drip pan an easy option, no matter what you use to barbecue.

Side Dish Cookers

While barbecues can make more than just burgers, these drip trays can do more than just catch oil. Strong craftsmanship and durability make these the perfect choice for making side dishes and desserts on the grill. Smoky mac and cheese, green beans, and sweet dishes make the perfect side for any entree; cook your favorites up in these disposable dishes the next time you're throwing a party or camping in the woods. And the best part? There's no mess or grilled-on gunk to try and soak off.

Supporting Your Weber

Whether you're baking casseroles in them or catching grease beneath your griddle, these pans are the all-around barbecue sidekick. For more info on the gear every barbecue chef needs, check out our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide. Here, our outdoor experts break down every element of the backyard BBQ (and its optional accessories). For more personalized advice, give us a call at 800-860-3577. We'll help you find the right gear for your setup.

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