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Weber Pellet Grills

When you think of the classic barbecue smoker, what do you imagine? A massive BBQ restaurant-style machine with multiple barrels and a huge cavity, or even a huge stainless steel box bigger than your patio may come to mind. These large pit-bbq machines can make smoking your own backyard meats seem out of reach. That was before wood smokers hit the scene. These Weber pellet grills and wood smokers are small enough to fit in your yard and designed for at-home outdoor grilling with flavorful wood varieties. Infuse your foods with mesquite flavors, Applewood aromas, or even maple-smoked scents.

How Does Pellet Grilling Work?

So, how is pellet grilling different from using a regular grill, or even a charcoal water smoker? The simple answer is the fuel. Each grill master has their preferred cooking method, from charcoal-seared to natural-gas grilled. With Weber pellet grills, users load their desired type of wood into the fuel hopper and light. Unlike charcoal water smoking, these delicate wood flavors will infuse every bite for a more refined barbecue experience. Whether you're cooking birds, steaks, or brisket, know that this pellet grilling machine is both a grill and a smoker at once. With temperatures ranging from 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit, you can keep things cooking low and slow for hours on end, or get a quick sear on steaks in minutes. The hybrid cooking method combines with smart features for "set it and forget it" grilling. Leave your spatulas and utensils to the side.

Smart Technology, Smoked

Some claim that you can cook nearly anything in a smoker, from burgers and casseroles to corn and apple pie. Some foods are more particular than others when it comes to hitting that safe eating temperature, and it can be hard to tell when you're using low-and-slow cooking methods. That's why each Weber pellet grill is equipped with Weber Connect. This smart technology is a step-by-step grilling assistant built right into the machine. Weber Connect sends your phone notifications for when you should flip your foods for that perfect sear, a "finished" notification, and a food readiness countdown. The tech here is so precise that you can change how well you'd like your foods cooked before shutting the door and walking away. Return when your phone goes off to medium-rare steaks. Other features on these smokers include multiple racks, several meat probes, and a digital temperature display.

Weber Pellet Smokers: Support and Service

If you're looking for more information on pellet grilling, check out our article: Wood Pellet Grills, Simple Smoky Slow Cooking. Here, our specialists take a deep dive into the intricacies of grilling and smoking techniques, exploring what makes a Weber smoker a multifunctional choice when shopping for your next grill. If you're hoping for more personalized advice, give us a call at 800-860-3577, or come into the store to see our BBQs in person. Our grill master staff is ready to answer all your questions, like "Which wood varieties are good for everyday grilling" or "Would this appliance fit onto my patio?" No matter which one you choose, each of our devices is supported by a manufacturer's warranty of at least one year, and we'll continue to service your Weber pellet grill throughout its lifetime.

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