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The Weber Grill Brush

One of the simplest and most important barbecue tools: the grill brush. This wire-bristled utility is in demand no matter what you cook or where you cook it. Charcoal grills, natural-gas-fueled barbecues, liquid propane models, and wood pellet smokers all require a clean grilling grate. And while many miracle treatments promise clean stainless steel without the scrub, there's nothing better than a little bit of elbow grease after every cookout. Whether you're hosting a summertime block party or an intimate dinner, make sure you give your BBQ a simple scrub down after each use with a Weber grill brush.

Pick The Right Weber Grill Brush For You

All these brushes might look kind of similar, so which one is right for you? That depends on a few factors, including how heavily soiled your barbecue is, how large it is, and if you prefer a certain type of material. Most brushes will dispose of caked-on food if used properly, mainly after you're finished cooking and for the occasional deep cleaning.

But if your BBQ is extra large (or your arms are a little short) you'll want a grill brush with more length. For longer brushes, the handle should be at least 16 inches long to get into all the nooks and crannies across the griddle. These long-handled brushes help to get into odd spaces at every corner, and provide a good angle for brushing and scraping.

If you want to get up close and personal with your post-barbecue leavings, opt for a brush with a shorter handle. Each push of the handle carries extra power, and these can be more maneuverable in the long run. The downside? You might get a little leftover grease on your shirt if you have to lean too far over a large griddle. It's always a good idea to wear an apron when you're working the barbecue, no matter what.

When The Grill Brush Isn't Enough

Unfortunately, grill brushes sometimes aren't enough to remove smoky food residue. Whether you've inherited a blackened grate or your barbecue is just past its prime, no Weber grill brush can turn back the clock all the way. Luckily, the barbecue experts who created your backyard cooker are well prepared with Weber replacement grill grates. These are easy to install, and fit their most popular models. With a fresh surface and a cleaning brush at the ready, you'll be prepared for your next barbecue bash.

Spotless Service

Whether you're smoking loads of brisket or making blackened veggie burgers for the family, everyone's got to clean off the barbecue after the cookout's over. If you're having a hard time finding the tool that's best for you, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. These specialists know BBQs inside and out, and can help you find the best gear for yours. To learn more about other gear you may need for your barbecue, check out our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide.

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