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Weber Grill Covers: All-Weather Protection

While tons of grill masters love smoking meats, veggies, and other foods, there can often be disagreement within the grilling community. Which fuel reigns supreme? What smoker model gives you the best wood-fired taste? Which portable version is best to take on a tailgate? No matter the barbecue-related questions, heated debates ensue. However, there are a few things that almost everyone can agree on.

One, the Weber charcoal kettle grill is one of the most iconic in the U.S. Two, every Weber needs a Weber grill cover. Thankfully, the innovators behind these backyard barbecues have created durable protection for their outdoor grills, and designed covers with heavy-duty, waterproof fabric to stand up to the elements. So whatever way you barbecue, keep it going longer with the proper protection from Weber grill covers.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Covers

Some might wonder why you should cover up your BBQ at all. "It's got a lid, right? Isn't that cover enough?" You might think so until you find an opossum curled up in your barbecue's drip tray. These covers go where your barbecue's lid can't, covering the entire machine from head to toe. That way, critters will have a hard time sneaking in and getting a taste of last night's ribs. These Weber grill covers keep out more than local pests. UV inhibitors and thick fabric make them weather-resistant, whether you're keeping out harsh sunshine, rain, or the winter elements. When attaching, make sure you have all fastening straps correctly attached for a proper fit. That way, your BBQ chef will be ready to cook up a storm once the bad weather is gone.

Weber Grill Covers for Every Model

No matter what barbecues grace your porch, lawn, or balcony, Weber's got a cover for it. There's even a Weber grill cover for their Q series of portable BBQs for those short on space. Fans of smoking their meats in their SmokeFire series are in luck, too; there's even a covering for these large-sized heat machines. Natural gas, charcoal, wood pellet, and liquid propane versions can all be blanketed in UV-resistant protection, too. And with a tough Weber grill cover designed to fit perfectly, you'll be able to prolong your cooker's life—and barbecue season after season.

Support and Service

Whether you live in sun-soaked deserts to the southwest or are subject to the fickle weather patterns of the Midwest, your Weber grill cooks great food—and it deserves the best in protection. Keep bad weather, critters, and other uninvited guests away from your barbecue to prolong its life. Not sure which one is best for your model? Give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577, and we'll be happy to help.

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