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Weber Pizza Stones & Tools

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Weber Pizza Stones and Tools

Whether you invested in a natural gas grill for burger nights or picked a Weber wood pellet grill for low-and-slow barbecue, one thing is true: you want to get the most out of your grill. Scouring the internet and looking through grilling cookbooks can help provide inspiration and recipes your family is bound to enjoy, but everyone loves one particular cheesy creation with simple ingredients. Next time, skip delivery and freezer versions alike and try grilling your pie on a Weber pizza stone.

These innovative grillmasters have created a full suite of products designed for cooking your pies out on the grill, helping you to get that blackened, crispy crust with ease. A paddle, stone, and rolling cutter make it possible to cook, remove, and cut dinner up fast. Make sure you wait for it to cool down, though—grills can run hotter than the average indoor stove.

Winner, Winner, Pizza Dinner

So, what is a pizza stone, and why can't you bake a delicious cheesy pie on a baking sheet or in a casserole dish? You could, but the results would be light-years away. Pizza stones are either made from ceramic or sturdy stone, and these materials are made with tiny cracks that allow steam to escape during the cooking process. The steam evaporates, leaving grillers with a crispy crust that flakes when you bite into it. While you can bake crusts on a baking sheet, you'll be sacrificing smoky flavor and a flaky crust. A Weber pizza stone isn't just made for cheesy pies, though. These multitaskers can cook veggies, frozen foods, and even bake bread out on the barbecue.

These stones (and some extra cheese) make dinnertime fun again. Get creative, and make your next grilling venture a family affair. Have everyone pick out their favorite toppings, roll their own dough, and create their own pie. For dessert, you can even make a sugary s'more's style version with hazelnut spread as the sauce and marshmallow for the topping. Whatever your food looks like, be safe and use the peel to pull it from the heat, or make sure you have well-designed oven mitts or gloves that can stand up to your barbecue's flames.

To Grill or Not To Grill?

While these Weber pizza stones are designed for temperatures found on the grill, they can go anywhere the heat is. That includes indoor ovens and outdoor pizza ovens. These wood-fired pie cookers are designed specifically to melt cheese and crisp crust, and can go to higher temperatures than a grill. Some are even compatible with liquid propane or natural gas, making these cookers more accessible than ever. If you're in search of a true Neapolitan pie, you should equip your outdoor kitchen with one of these specialty ovens as well as a Weber grill. Try experimenting with different flavors and crusts in both, and see whether the smokiness of the barbecue or the crispy wood-fired oven reigns supreme.

Pie-In-the-Sky Service

Wherever you stand on the Hawaiian pie debate, Abt's Weber pizza stones and tools are at the ready for your next BBQ night. And you won't be ordering carry-out, you'll be making them all by yourselves for a bite you'll never find anywhere else. If you've got questions about how to use your grill accessories, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our experts will help you find the gear you need to make the most of your barbecue-style meals.

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