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Weber Grill Cookbooks

You've made the perfect purchase: the Weber grill of your dreams is coming home with you. You get home, help with installation, pull a package of ground beef from the refrigerator and the reality of the situation hits you. You only know how to cook burgers. They're great burgers, perfectly seared on all sides, and maybe you even know how to stuff them with cheese...but they're still just burgers.

Your burgers are no doubt incredible, but it's time to expand your flavor profile. The experts at Weber know that you can make amazing meals on any grill, from a portable campsite-style model like the Go Anywhere barbecue to the fully built-in Summit grills. That's why they've partnered with New York Times bestsellers like Jamie Purviance to create a smoker cookbook and other Weber grill cookbooks filled with unique meals and techniques.

Weber grill cookbooks are curated to match grillers of any experience level, from those that struggle to light their charcoal to professional pitmasters who've been smoking fork-tender meats for years. Whatever your expertise, you're certain to learn something new from Purviance's unique collection of recipes, tips, and grilling methods.

An Expanded Palette For The Grill Fanatic

Well-smoked meats and veggies never fall out of style, and that's why several of Purviance's Weber grill cookbooks begin with the basics of proper grilling, then take each recipe a step further. New spice rubs, suggested sauces, and exciting fresh cooking methods elevate any meal, while modern takes on classic techniques reveal new flavors.

Some cookbooks may teach basic skills like knife techniques, setting up your grilling station or outdoor mise en place, and different fuel types. Meanwhile, another smoker cookbook about barbecue focuses on how grilling has evolved alongside American culture, with stories and essays celebrating the art of backyard cooking. Explore our collection to find literature that's great for your griller.

The Smoker Cookbook: For the Backyard Pitmaster

While the classic charcoal kettle grill and gas grills have been beloved since their introduction, using an at-home smoker has become incredibly popular with barbecue masters and those new to grilling alike. Weber's charcoal smokers and wood pellet smokers are both able to create flavorful smoky foods (when used correctly). The catch? They work a little differently than the classic barbecue, with smoking indirect heat and the opportunity to heat foods low and slow for hours on end. That means that even seasoned grillers might not know what to do when they get their wood pellet smoker home.

That's where Purviance's smoker cookbook and other Weber grill cookbooks step in. With recipes that can be used in either a barbecue or smoker, it's easy for former grillers to get comfortable with their new devices thanks to familiar cooking techniques. Create dishes like smoked salmon, pork loin, lamb, and other smoke-filled favorites. Check out some of Weber's smoker accessories too, and start experimenting with different wood pellets and wood chips to give each meal a new flavor profile.

Smoke-Worthy Support

Whether you're poring over the new smoker cookbook or just hunting for some new recipes to spice up your grilling game, start your search with Weber grill cookbooks. And if you're still learning the fundamentals of grilling, read up on how the machines work and the essential accessories you'll need with the help of our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide and our guide to Wood Pellet Grilling. Here, our experts dissect the classic smokers and next-gen tech that fuels today's barbecues.

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