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Weber Grill Smoker Accessories

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Weber Grill Smoker Accessories

Whether you're flipping burgers over an old-fashioned charcoal kettle grill or roasting pork tenderloin in a wood pellet smoker, you want your smoky foods to taste their absolute best. Weber grillmasters know because they share the same passion for sweet-smoked flavors you can't find anywhere but a barbecue. That's why their hardwood pellets and other smoker accessories are designed for optimal flavor and ease of use.

With a varied collection of wood pellets, chips, and chunks, even the pickiest pitmaster should be able to find the right fuel to make their flavor palate sing. Weber's collection goes beyond just fuel as well, thanks to smoker accessories like storage solutions and smoker boxes. Find what you need to make your next backyard barbecue a fiery success at Abt.

Hardwood Pellets and Wood Chips

Before you hit the grocery store or turn on your grill, think about what types of wood will work well with different foods, and vice versa. Apple wood's mild yet sweet flavor makes it an obvious choice for meats like pork, as well as chicken and game birds like pheasant. Meanwhile, classic mesquite lends a smoke-like and earthy flavor to seafood and red meat—think beef ribs or salmon. Explore some of your favorite foods in new ways with fresh smoky profiles.

Before you pick up your first bag of wooden fuel, do a little research, whether that's chatting with other neighborhood grillers or talking to our grillmaster specialists. Our experts can answer any questions you might have about different fuels, as well as what flavor combinations will and won't work for the next big family dinner. To get an in-depth understanding of hardwood pellets in particular, check out our article on wood pellet grills. Even the most well-versed among barbecue experts might learn a thing or two.

Smoker Accessories: Controlled Burning

But let's take a step back: how are hardwood pellets, wooden chips, and wood chunks different? They share one thing in common: they help cook your foods by smoking with flavorful wooden fuel. And while they all started as tall green trees, they can behave differently when put to the torch beneath your griddle.

Hardwood pellets, for example, should be used with a wood pellet grill, and are made from ground, compressed hardwood. These can burn hotter than traditional wood, and take longer to burn. Wooden chips and chunks will not work in these kinds of hardwood pellet smokers. However, you can burn hardwood pellets themselves in a charcoal grill (or a firepit, or anywhere else). If you burn them in the firepit, expect the evening's s'more's to taste a little like cherry wood or hickory smoke.

Meanwhile, flavorful chunks and chips are designed for charcoal grills and smokers, and should be added in with briquettes for sweet smoky goodness. They burn fast and cold, essentially acting only to add flavor. The charcoal itself is what's actually doing the heavy lifting and cooking the food.

Abt: Service That's Smokin'

Whether you're making blackened pineapple shrimp skewers or a fork-tender brisket for the whole family, make sure your fuel is helping you achieve the best taste possible. And with so many different wood varieties, it's easy to try different smoky flavors. If you're not sure where to start, check out our article on wood pellet grills mentioned above, or start with our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide. Here, our grilling experts take apart the modern grill and its accessories, helping you to better understand what gear you need for your barbecue. For more personalized advice, give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577, or come into the store to see what's newest in grilling.

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