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Every safe driver knows that one of the best ways you can keep yourself, your passengers and your vehicle safe is through better awareness. If you know what's going on, you'll be much better prepared to react. That's why dash cams by BlackVue are an unbeatable asset for any car. It's all thanks to the hardware inside: high-quality lenses and sensors are empowered by next-gen features, like Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS and Cloud connectivity. With perfectly orchestrated connections and a design that's optimized for true safety, BlackVue dash cams are the perfect pick to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Why Buy A BlackVue Dash Cam?

While most cars don't come with one of these, they're a great aftermarket purchase. Their best feature is the video recording they take: and with BlackVue, it's often kept on both a cloud and/or stored locally on a microSD memory card. They're the perfect defense if you see something suspicious while on the road or if you get in an accident. Then, you've got real footage to back up your claim. BlackVue models are the perfect pick for parents of new drivers, too: you can keep an eye on just how well your teen is doing out on the road. GPS features will help drivers of any age to reach their destination, too. And no matter where you park, you can record issues like parking accidents and vandalism that occur when the car isn't in motion. When it comes to BlackVue models in particular, there are even more exciting features made to buff up your driving experience.

See It All, Perfectly

The days of grainy footage are over. Explore car accessories that film in 4K to catch all the details you need to see. For the best experience, pair your model with the app as well: you can explore your files, connect to the cloud and even change settings, all from your phone. Explore other ways that these engineers have made life easier for you, like with rear-view models that give you a full view of what's coming from both ahead and behind. These are the perfect pick for small business fleets as well—investments in auto are worth protecting, and you'll be able to keep an eye on where and how everything moves.

Accessories You'll Need

While these high-powered machines are powerful, some are going to need a little help from time to time. When you purchase yours, ensure it has all the cords and power you need. If you'll be using your BlackVue cam for nighttime monitoring, you'll definitely need an accessory like a full-powered battery. These batteries recharge every time you power your car back on, too, for operation that never needs to stop.

Struggling to choose between different models? You don't have to pick yours out on your own: come to our Mobile Installation team for help. Abt's Mobile Installation team is ready to outfit cars, boats, RVs and more with all kinds of car audio gear. And we're ready to help you find the best equipment for your vehicle: give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577 to learn more.

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