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Chantal Cookware and Kettles

Chantal Cookware and Kettles at Abt


Whether you're replacing an entire collection of cookware or just need a new fry pan, go for the best with Chantal. Chantal's cookware and bakeware are designed for high-quality performance for all cooktops, from induction range to classic gas models. With a broad collection of products, there's something here for every home chef, meal prep master, and family cook. Explore what you might need to finish your cookware collection with Chantal at Abt.

Chantal's Induction Line

A collection that's perfect for anyone with an induction range is the brand's induction collection. Technically, there's a lot of cookware that can be used on one of these cooktops or rangetops: it only has to be magnetic to work. But Chantal's equipment is perfect for anyone who's just starting off with one of these new ranges and has to replace older pots and pans. Explore different picks that are perfect for your lifestyle, like ceramic fry pans or stainless steel skillets. Think about recipes you enjoy and how you love to make them, and select your equipment based on that. The perfectly magnetized collection will start heating up the moment it hits your induction burner, and it works just as well with other electric ranges or gas models. That means that even if you change your appliances down the line, these long-lived pots and pans will work for a different fuel type.

In search of extra space to make your meals? Then maybe one of Chantal's Tri-Ply griddles is the answer. These griddles are the perfect option for breakfasts and lunches with the whole family: with their broad bodies and strong build, these are perfect for making food for man. Flip french toast, scramble eggs, make paninis, and even come up with dinner recipes that are made perfectly on these griddles.

Classic Tea Kettles

Find the perfect accessory for your beautiful kitchen with tea kettles by Chantal. Choose between small appliances heated by electricity or a classic version that boils water on your rangetop. Between fun colors and different heating options, there are enough options to fit every kitchen and lifestyle. Opt for beautiful colors like indigo or black, or choose a classic-looking copper tone or silvery steel. They'll all look beautiful, and thanks to their optimized construction, they heat up fast. Use these for tea, instant coffee, and anything else you'd use hot water for; the two-tone whistle will let you know right when your water's done heating. Keep in mind that many of these tea kettles are not dishwasher-safe, just like any classic tea kettle, and must be hand-washed.

If you know that Chantal is the right brand for your next cookware purchase, order online and we'll deliver your purchase to you quickly, whether you're a local or national customer. If you're not sure which equipment is best for your kitchen, call us at 800-860-3577. Our specialists are here to help you find just what you need. If you'd rather see our collection in person, head into our Gourmet Shop in our Glenview, Illinois location and we'll show you just what we have. If you'd rather learn more on your own, check out our cookware buying guide.