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Roku Streaming Media Player

Roku-The easiest way to stream on TV

Roku Streaming Media Player at Abt

The Roku Store at Abt: The Original Streaming Device

With origins in some of the most dominating streaming platforms in the business, these engineers have been spearheading the smart media player market for over twelve years. These giants of media are rooted in the genesis of Netflix, back when the subscription service mailed DVDs to homes in a rental process that took days. The first Roku streaming media player was released in 2008 in partnership with Netflix, and they've since developed close relationships with all the newest networks, from Hulu and Disney+ to newer network-specific services. And within the Roku store, things are always expanding and changing. With automatic updates and a library of free movies, shows and music, you'll be hard-pressed to run out of things to watch.

Why Go Third Party?

While the Roku streaming media player has been in the game for a long time, it's safe to say that the landscape of home entertainment has changed since they first began. Instead of watching DVDs, nearly any computer or smartphone can play music and films thanks to the internet. And it's not just phones—game consoles and televisions themselves often come outfitted with the ability to connect to the web and play your favorite content. With so many ways to watch and play, why should you even consider investing in a Roku streaming media player?

It's the same reason that they've been able to last through multiple evolutions of digital watching—each device features a simple, easy-to-understand interface that's not hard to navigate. There's no difficult set-up, and each time you sit down to watch, you'll be able to navigate to your sports game or show within seconds. Updating is easy, and the system automatically updates your apps (unlike some smart televisions and many gaming consoles). Instead of waiting for Netflix to update once every two weeks, all you have to turn on the power, find your show, and watch. An easy interface combined with budget-friendly prices is what keeps loyal users tuning in.

More Than Just to Stream

Explore the Roku store at Abt to see all the hardware available, with gear like replacement remotes, speakers, and bass-driven subwoofers. Instead of just binge-watching your favorite show for the fourth time, you'll be experiencing entertainment in entirely new ways. You'll hear waves of acoustic sound, rolling bass and effects you've never noticed before. Between watching action films laced with explosions or music-filled period dramas, you'll get closer to the action than ever.

Whether you love films, TV shows, video gaming or sports, a quality sound system will help you fall right into your content. Make sure your entertainment space is well equipped with a next-gen TV as well—4K models (also known as Ultra HD televisions) are becoming the new standard, with 8K versions just around the corner with staggeringly elevated resolution and depth of color. Upgrade to the perfect TV for your lifestyle, and don't forget to equip it with a high-quality sound system from the Roku store at Abt.

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