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Beat the Heat with LG Air Conditioners

Find a device to cool down your bedroom, condo, home or other living space with our guide to the year's best coolers.

Create Your Own Oasis

With the tough cold snap of winter behind us, it's time to turn our faces towards summer skies, coat ourselves with sunscreen, and head out into the great outdoors. Whether spending time outside looks like tanning on the patio or hiking through the local state park, there's nothing we love experiencing more than summer fun. But when the thermometer keeps creeping up, it's time to head inside, grab a cold soda and seek cooler temperatures. Shelve half-hearted cooling technologies like fans and ice packs this summer and install an LG air conditioner. The designers at LG engineer their AC units to last, so whether you're using a window unit, portable version, or through-the-wall model, you know it will last through summer after summer.
LG Air Conditioner in Room with Couch and Plant
There's an LG air conditioner rated to fit just about every room, apartment and home size. Before you go and pick the one that you think is best for you, do a little bit of research. Our HVAC specialists have compiled resources like our air conditioner sizing and buying guide to help you understand some of the technical jargon (terms like BTUs, or British Thermal Units, and EERs, or Energy Efficiency Rating). If you're searching for a new AC, it's a good idea to have the square footage of your space in mind, too, since different sized models are rated to cool specific sized spaces. Keep these measurements in mind no matter where you buy your device.

Top 3 Best LG Window Air Conditioners

If someone told you to close your eyes and picture an AC, you're probably conjuring an image of a window unit. These devices fit into many existing windows, then close tight with accordion-like seals that stretch to the edge of the frame. These devices are the one-size-fits-all cooling solution that most people install when temperatures begin to rise. The array of LG air conditioners runs the gamut, from low-powered machines designed for small bedrooms to mammoth 24,000 BTU devices made to cool open-concept homes.
  1. 6,000 BTU 11.5 EER 115V Window LG Air Conditioner - LW6017R

    side view of LG 6000 BTU 11.5 EER 115V Window Air Conditioner
    As one of our most popular selling models, this compact LG window air conditioner excels in efficiency and performance. It's designed to cool small- or mid-size rooms with only 6,000 BTUs, making it just the right size for a standard bedroom. A larger area like a living room would probably require an upgrade in BTUs and price, but if you love sleeping in a cooled-down bedroom, this model can bring you that reduction in temperature at a low cost.
    The LW6017R isn't just an economical buy when it comes to up-front purchase cost. This unit is extremely energy efficient, earning Energy Star ranking and an EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of 11.5. EER is calculated by dividing the BTUs by the wattage used to arrive at the number of BTUs put out per watt. The higher the EER, the more efficient your machine is. And at 11.5, this device's EER is considered above average. That means cooling off will have a lower impact on your electricity bill, and a lower impact on the planet, too.
  2. 8,000 BTU 12.1 EER 115V Smart Window LG Air Conditioner - LW8017ERSM

    Side view of LG 8000 BTU 12.1 EER 115V Smart Window Air Conditioner
    A step up in power and intelligence over the previous device, the LW8017ERSM LG window air conditioner is ready to tackle high summer temperatures. This machine is rated at 8,000 BTUs, making it powerful enough to cool off a space that's 300-350 square feet. With that amount of cooling might, you could drop temperatures in a mid-size master bedroom or living space even as the outdoor climate becomes sweltering hot.
    This LG window air conditioner is built with smart technology, too, making your AC more functional than ever. Instead of a remote that disappears the day after you install, use your smartphone or tablet to change the fan speed or cooling mode. You can even turn it off or on from far away with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. LG's suite of Smart ThinQ technology all lives in the same app on your device, allowing you to stay connected to each of your appliances no matter where you are.
  3. 12,000 BTU 12.1 EER 115V Window LG Air Conditioner - LW1216ER

    Side view of LG 12000 BTU 12.1 EER 115V Window Air Conditioner
    An even higher boost at 12,000 BTUs, the LW1216ER LG window air conditioner has enough frosty power for everyone in the family. Perfect for cooling off after an afternoon spent outside playing sports or barbecuing outside on the grill, the LW1216ER is easy to customize to fit your climate needs. This machine lowers temperatures, dehumidifies and features three fan speeds to meet any challenge, including tackling humidity. This model gets rid of uninvited stickiness at a rate of 3.8 pints per hour, keeping your home cool and dry.
One of the more unavoidable elements of summertime is severe weather. Storms, high winds and heatwaves can knock out your local power. And unless your home is equipped with a power-creating generator, you'll be using battery-operated fans until the neighborhood power comes back on. When it does, though, your LG air conditioner will be back up and running before you can even touch the remote. The power failure auto-restart feature automatically starts your machine up on its own. That means that even if you're out of the house when you lose and regain power, your space will be cooled down by the time you get home.

Top 3 Best Portable LG Air Conditioners

While window devices are some of the most popular coolers around, their small-space siblings can be even more functional. Meet the suite of portable LG air conditioners, a line of products revered among fellow manufacturers for their power and durable construction. These caster-wheel coolers are designed for situations where a window unit just isn't feasible. Instead of fitting the entire unit into an open window frame, these devices remain on the ground while an exhaust hose exits through a window. Keep in mind that there are a couple of downsides to these easy-to-manage machines: mainly that they tend to have a higher operating volume and use more energy than in-window versions. That being said, the extendable hose and wheeled body make these portable devices a favorite pick for awkwardly engineered spaces, dorm rooms, apartments and vacation homes.
  1. 14,000 BTU 115V White Smart Wi-Fi LG Portable Air Conditioner - LP1419IVSM

    Side view of LG 14000 BTU 115V Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner
    When it comes to portable LG air conditioners, many turn to the LP1419IVSM. This machine can match many window units in power—a task hard to achieve for many mobile coolers. It puts out 14,000 BTUs of cooling energy, chilling a large space like a living room, master bedroom or any area that's around 600-700 square feet. Alternatively, cool down entire offices, cottages, workplaces, and apartments with ease.
    This machine isn't just chill, it's smart (just like many other LG products). Instead of a smartphone that displays the weather or a smartwatch that helps you keep up with fitness, this intelligent device lets you control your climate from anywhere thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. Turn it on as you're leaving work and you'll come home to a house that's the perfect temperature. It's smart enough to connect to virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too, meaning you can change your climate with a simple command.
  2. 10,000 BTU 115V 3-in-1 Black Smart Wi-Fi LG Portable Air Conditioner - LP1021BSSM

    Side view of LG 10000 BTU 115V 3-in-1 Smart Wi-Fi LG Portable Air Conditioner
    Another smart device, the LP1021BSSM brings a new look to portable LG air conditioners. With a lower BTU count of 10,000, this black cooler is appropriate for a slightly smaller space measuring 400-450 square feet. Great for RV's, nurseries, TV rooms and bedrooms for children, this dark-hued model fades right into the background in any room. Its subtle shape, color and size make this a good option for folks who want all of their appliances to be as unnoticeable as possible.
    Like many other portable models, the LP1021BSSM is built with smart capabilities. Connecting to LG's Smart ThinQ app on your smartphone or tablet allows you to control the machine with a new kind of remote. Adjust it all from your phone or tablet. But the best feature? It's mobile just like all its wheeled brethren, allowing you to store it with ease as soon as seasonal summer temps come to an end. There's no heavy lifting or need for bubble wrap—just roll it right into a nearby closet for easier storage than you've ever imagined.
  3. LG 7,000 BTU 115V White LG Portable Air Conditioner - LP0721WSR

    Side view of LG 7000 BTU 115V Portable Air Conditioner
    An economical choice, the LP0721WSR is perfect for those in need of just a little extra refrigeration. While it might not have as many flashy features as the more expensive portable LG air conditioners, the LP0721WSR is incredibly efficient at its most important job: temperature reduction. Rated for an output of 7,000 BTUs, this cooler is optimized for a room that's up to 300 square feet. Cool, fan, or dehumidify spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices and any other area you can fit it in.
    Thanks to its rotating caster wheels, this portable LG air conditioner can even change which space it aims its cool breeze towards. Install this device in a hallway, then angle it towards different rooms throughout the day depending on where you move. With a long exhaust hose and easy maneuverability, the LP0721WSR is ready to tackle the task of flexible cooling.

Best LG Wall Air Conditioner

If you find portable units unmanageable and want to keep your windows clear of all machinery, there's another option before turning to central air conditioning installation (and it's not picking up and moving to a cooler climate). Instead, take a closer look at LG wall air conditioners.
These units free up space in your window, allowing you to open up and catch the breeze, talk to neighbors and let the sunshine in whenever you want. Clear, clean windows give you a brighter-looking home that can feel more spacious and clutter-free. These installed fixtures act as a permanent solution to a problem that comes back around every summer, too, with no need to remove or store your AC unit when temperatures start to drop in the fall.
During installation, professionals cut a fixed hole in your wall before fitting it with a sleeve that holds your LG wall air conditioner in place. Before you decide that this AC is for you, make sure you have an outlet nearby that's rated for your new model—and double-check that the hole in your wall will be the correct size. No one wants to get the measuring tape out only to discover they've overcut their wall.
  1. White 11,800 BTU 230V Through-the-Wall LG Air Conditioner - LT1236CER

    Side view of LG 11800 BTU 230V Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner
    Keep all the windows in your home clear while you enjoy cooler temperatures with an LG wall air conditioner. While there is currently only one of these through-the-wall machines available, it's an incredibly popular product. Nearly 12,000 BTUs of power make this version a middle-of-the-road model that's designed for common spaces like larger kitchens, dining spaces, living rooms, or open-concept areas that are around 450 square feet. And with a four-direction deflection system, you can send a cold breeze from one side of the room to the other with a simple adjustment.
    This high-powered AC machine is designed to stay in your wall long term, so built-in efficiencies are a must-have. Elements like a washable filter and filter check reminder make it easy to keep your machine running (keep in mind that these filters are not meant to clean the oxygen you breathe. Instead, they trap harmful particles to ensure efficiency and proper operation). Meanwhile, a remote control and three fan speeds make it easy to customize your climate without needing to move from your spot on the couch.

LG Air Conditioners: For Better Health

Whichever model you choose, there are long-term health benefits of using AC in high heat instead of toughing it out when temperatures rise. Living in a sealed, cool space can result in fewer asthma attacks, better sleep, stronger work performance and a lowered risk of heatstroke. Equipping your home with LG air conditioners can make a measurable difference in your family's health and quality of life. No matter what size your home is, make sure you're getting an LG air conditioner that's correctly rated for your space (and that fits your lifestyle well). If you're not quite sure which model is best for you, give our HVAC experts a call at (phone) or come in with your room measurements and speak to an expert in person. Our goal is to help you find the right device for you and your family.

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